Style Science: The High-End Versus Budget Beauty Showdown

Style Science: The High-End Versus Budget Beauty Showdown

Expensive cult favorites face off with bargain-priced dupes



Does upscale automatically mean superior? Does budget buying equal scrimping on quality? In the second installment of Wonder’s web series, two self-confessed beauty junkies set out to find the answers.


Style Science episode two, The High-End Versus Budget Beauty Showdown, brings together magazine editor and fashion blogger Alyssa Lapid and beauty and lifestyle vlogger Maxine Lara for a different kind of beauty review: They must weigh in on two products from the same makeup category without knowing which is high-end and which is budget. It’s an exploration into brand bias that also tackles certain illusions in the beauty industry: that quality almost always comes with a hefty price tag. Could it be, though, that for every high-end beauty product, there exists an exact, lower priced counterpart? And have you been walking past these in your local drugstore all this time?


In the end, myths are debunked, hyped-up items are put to the test and several underdogs emerge victorious. Click on to watch the rather revealing beauty review.



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Art Alexandra Lara

Words Cessi Treñas and Nicole Blanco Ramos

Director Jan Pineda

Producer Bea Bermundo

Editor Siena Quides

Videographer Dareen Baylon

Talents Alyssa Lapid and Maxine Lara

Videography Assistant Julius Orendain

Audio Tech Felizardo Anastacio

Shoot Assistant Cara Gamo

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