Holiday Party Looks Fit for the Merry Madness

Holiday Party Looks Fit for the Merry Madness

Featuring pieces you can mix and match for all the mix n’ mingling this season



The age-old fashion conundrum ‘round Christmastime isn’t so much “what to wear,” but more “how not to run out of things to wear.” Chances are: musing over not having enough holiday party-ready looks mapped out happens right in front of the closet, too…one that’s likely filled to capacity with clothing. Ah, yes, ‘tis the season for irony to rear its Christmas-themed head.


With holiday parties left and right, we’re thinking of taking the simplified route and tossing the idea of shopping according to occasion right out the window (it’s a recipe for an over-shopping disaster anyway and the holidays are no time to burn through savings you’ll likely have to dip into for presents).


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Looking to just the “core four” elements of holiday dressing, we encourage you to consider festive yet practical pieces that can take you from Yuletide parties to year-ender blowouts in a cinch. It might mean springing for something brand-new at the mall, but best believe that shopping for these is a one-and-done deal if done right. Just think of the items below as wardrobe essentials––as time-tested as the blue denim trousers and the white button-down polo­­––Christmastime edition.


Something Cozy

A wardrobe staple for both men and women, the pullover knit sweater is as comfortable as it is stylish. For the gents, you can always throw your pullover on a collared long-sleeved polo and then pair the outfit with chinos and sneakers in a solid color. For the ladies, meanwhile, you can tuck a textured pullover sweater into a dressy skirt for the events that call for it or wide-leg trousers for something a little more relaxed.


Holiday Party Looks Fit for the Merry Madness

ZARA Contrast Sweater with Fringe Trim, P2,495

Holiday Party Looks Fit for the Merry Madness

H&M Dark Blue Turtleneck Jumper, P1,490


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Something Dressed up, But Versatile

It pays to think about the parties to come not only during the holidays, but the dressier events that may follow in the New Year (again, nothing hurts the wallet more than shopping with a single occasion in mind). Don’t be afraid to rock neutrals at a party or, better yet, suit (or suit-inspired) separates. These versatile pieces can even be worn to the office, your days off and after-work events.


Holiday Party Looks Fit for the Merry Madness

H&M Black Jacket Dress, P3,490

Holiday Party Looks Fit for the Merry Madness

H&M Dark Blue Dobby-Weave Skinny Fit Jacket, 3,490, H&M Dark Blue Skinny Fit Trousers, P1,690


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Something in Red

We’ll leave you to decide if red truly does bring people great fortune. In our book, there’s no harm throwing on something in this color in the spirit of Christmas or to ring in the New Year. Red is fun, eye-catching and screams: “let’s celebrate!” You can opt to wear burgundy (think: red wine) if you aren’t into hues that call too much attention to themselves.


Holiday Party Looks Fit for the Merry Madness

MADELAINE ONGPAUCO Cropped Top with Serpentine Skirt, P3,499

Holiday Party Looks Fit for the Merry Madness

HOLLISTER Long Sleeve Core Oxford Solid Shirt, P2,899


Something Extra

Let’s not forget: it is party season. Whip out something fun: either with sequin, embellishments, fringe or metallics. Sure, these pieces likely won’t be in the heavy rotation of wardrobe pieces, but they sure can be worn to several occasions in a year.


Holiday Party Looks Fit for the Merry Madness

TOPSHOP Drape Sequin Mini Dress, P2,995

Holiday Party Looks Fit for the Merry Madness

ZARA Black Embroidered Sweatshirt, P2,995


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Whether you decide to play around with cozy textures, make shades of red the focal point of your look, throw on a classic or go all-out with something fun, you’ll never run out of options with the easy holiday style formulas above. Now you can enjoy the merry madness; stressing out about the madness in your closet is only optional.



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