I Got a Hollywood Lift at an Aesthetic Clinic. Here’s What Happened

I Got a Hollywood Lift at an Aesthetic Clinic. Here’s What Happened

Tighter muscles after a single session? It’s possible



There are those who spend gallantly on beauty and then there are those who identify with the… more frugal school of thought. Despite having one or two products I’d make an exception for, I admit I associate myself with the latter. It’s not that I’m totally against dropping the big bucks for beauty; it’s that I’m essentially something of a non-believer in non-invasive beauty procedures. I like my results drastic and immediate––especially if it’s a service I’m paying for.


Just last week, an opportunity that would test my hard-headed beauty philosophy fell into my lap. Assigned to try out a service from Dr. CRB, a proudly homegrown aesthetic and laser clinic, I promptly got in touch with their PR specialist Tedrick Yau. A couple of SMS exchanges later, I was scheduled for a shift in perspective via Dr. CRB’s Hollywood Lift.


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With all the potential to answer my round-face complex, the Hollywood Lift primarily tightens and tones muscles. Essentially, that makes for a less bloated face and sharper jawline––although the service is also available for common problem areas like the arms or butt. With microcurrents and a thoughtful selection of skincare formulations, it works on a deeper level, too: amping up muscle resilience in the long-term.


The Process

Dr. CRB Hollywood Lift

After a quick change out of my blazer-and-jeans uniform into a robe, the procedure began. As expected, the first order of business: makeup removal. My eyebrows and foundation were gently wiped off and an orange-scented cleansing soap removed all traces of residue (they were kind enough to leave my eyeliner in place).


Next thing on the agenda: bidding my dead skin cells a much-needed goodbye. Our parting ceremony came in the form of peeling gel being lathered across my cheeks, jaw and neck, then being scraped off with a whirring, flat-edged tool. Don't let the adjectives intimidate you: it was absolutely painless. Imagine your weekly at-home exfoliating sesh on steroids. Toner-soaked cotton was then wiped all over and the stage was set. Show time.




The application of firming gel on the cheeks, jaw and neck marks the beginning of the main attraction. This step was when the Caci Ultra, the miracle maker in this process, was switched on and set to a voltage of 320. With a two-pronged probe, particular areas of my face firmly pressed down on while a wide-set T-bar tool was used to roll upward from the jaw. Come the second round of microcurrents, the strokes of the T-bar got shorter and more vigorous. This combination of tools and motions targets and tightens the neck area.


When we moved on to the portion of the treatment that zeroed in on the face, the firming gel was replaced with a lightly scented serum. At the same voltage, two cotton-tipped probes moved on the muscles in smaller, more focused flicks. The way the tools swiped across the face reminded of a tightly choreographed dance: pushing apart, then pressing together. As the rounds progressed, the flicking motions varied in size and direction, and they ultimately targeted different areas of the face: the chin, then the cheeks, then the eye area. One more layer of serum was brushed on before the probes danced their swan song.

The wrinkle comb, the last tool your skin will be introduced to throughout the procedure, isn’t as scary as it might sound. In fact, it’s actually pretty cool with its dual-color lights: the red light countering aging and the blue light fighting off bacteria. After the wrinkle comb had traveled all across the areas that were treated with the probes, the entire process was finished off the same way any skincare routine should: with good ol’ SPF.


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The Verdict

So, did it work? It certainly did. In case the before/after images in the collage above isn’t enough to go by, perhaps this will convince you: I didn’t tell any of my officemates or friends which service I was going for, but one of my co-workers could immediately tell it was a tightening lift because my cheeks looked smaller, my skin more rejuvenated.


It didn’t just look good, either. It felt good. My skin felt like it had reawakened after a long hibernation, as if it had been gently surged back to life (well, that’s technically what happened).


The longevity of the results depends on the firmness of muscles prior to the treatment, but generally results can last several weeks after the first session. All that for an hour of painless treatment in bed? Consider my skeptic ego bruised. I’m a believer.



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