Easy Ways to Layer Because Baby, It’s Cold Outside


January 18, 2023
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It’s time to whip out those jackets and blazers! Here’s how to layer this sweater season



“Sweater weather” memes have been trolling all over Instagram since November, but our tropical climate never really gave us the chance to cozy up in knits—or even a simple jacket. But this month’s weather has changed the fashion tide. We’re now experiencing cooler temps and breezy winds thanks to the Northeast Monsoon, and it’s definitely time to consider dressing for (and taking advantage) this chilly climate.



But don’t jump the gun on your coats just yet! It’s not full-fledged fall temperatures (unless you’re based in the likes of Baguio or Tagaytay, of course!). So how does one navigate through this “cold but not too cold” climate? We’ve got a few ideas.



Light layering is the key so you don’t look (or feel) like a fool once it suddenly gets hot and humid. Be sure to opt for fabrics that are cool to the body and absorb sweat—this way you can opt to layer an even thicker jacket or top over the other if you’re planning on doing so. 


Though browsing through Pinterest is loads of fun when coming up with ‘fits, here are a few outfit ideas and key pieces to shop to make the most out of this comfy and cool atmosphere.


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Take out those knits! 

It’s time for your knits to shine, but don’t opt for fleece and heavy or fuzzy cable knits. You want to feel comfy not constricted, nor sweat in heat when you’re wearing these tops. So pick out knit-in, breathable fabric instead! Feel free to layer this over a shirt or a dress to keep it comfy. A tank is a good idea as long as it’s a razorback—the straps would make for interesting details if seen through your knitted top!





Shop the look:

V-neck knit sweater, MANGO, P2,495, Zalora

Rib Knit Cardigan, P1,690, H&M, hm.com

Zip-top rib-knit dress, P1,990, H&M, hm.com


Holiday Knit cardigan, P1,799, COTTON ON, Zalora

Striped Knitted Jumper, P5,250, COS, Zalora


It’s blazer season!

I applaud those who can wear a blazer all year round; especially when they’re out and about (and not just in air-conditioned locations). But if you’ve been dying to wear your blazer anywhere, now’s the time! We suggest you shop for a good oversized piece that’s versatile enough to be styled with sweats or a chic midi dress.





Shop the look:

Long Satin Blazer, P2,495, ZARA, zara.com

Double-breasted Blazer, P3,995, ZARA, zara.com

Structured Suit Blazer, P3,995, MANGO, Zalora


Linen Blazer Suit, P4,495, MANGO, Zalora

Check Suit Blazer, P4,995, MANGO, Zalora


Vest up!

You’ll be surprised how warm a vest can be—especially if in the right fabric. A suit-type vest might be the breeziest, while opting for a knitted one over a plain T-shirt will keep you warm throughout the day.





Regular Fit Jacquard Knit Vest, P3,950, COZ, Zalora

Cropped Waistcoat with Button, P1,695, ZARA, zara.com

Halterneck waistcoat, P1,295, ZARA, zara.com


Relaxed Fit Cable-Knit Sweater Vest, P1,690, H&M, hm.com

Jacquard Knit Sweater Vest, P799, H&M, hm.com


Time for leather!

Leather pieces might be hard to maintain, but they’re worth wearing if you want to make a statement. If you’ve been thinking of buying that leather jacket, skirt, pants or dress, don’t hesitate. Make that purchase because you can finally wear these pieces in Manila! Leather is also a great way to keep warm if you’re still looking to show off some skin. Let’s say a bra top and a pair of pants? Throw on a leather blazer, and it’ll dress up your look in an instant.





Faux leather waistcoat, P2,295, ZARA, zara.com

Faux leather overshirt, P2,295, ZARA, zara.com

Faux leather jacket, P2,995, ZARA, zara.com


Studded faux leather oversize biker jacket, P5,594, BERSHKA, SM Megamall

Faux leather flare trousers, P995, BERSHKA, SM Megamall


A shirt story!

A button-down shirt is the most versatile piece to layer with. You can wear it over a dress or under a dress, beneath a blazer or a jacket, or tied and pulled down with a sports bra. The possibilities are endless. The trick is to shop for an oversized one, but with a bit of structure so you have the option to cinch it if you want to, creating shape.





Woven Button Down Shirt, P1,600, FOREVER21, Zalora

Long Sleeve Button Down Art Print Shirt, P3,399, SATURDAY CLUB, Zalora

Plain Button Up Shirt, P2,990, URBAN REVIVO, Zalora


Oversized Stripe Shirt, P895, PUBLIC DESIRE, Zalora

Oversized Linen Shirt, P1695, ZARA, zara.com


It’s definitely time to whip out those jackets and blazers this sweater weather!  



Words Maura Rodriguez 

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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