Style Science: How to Ukay Like a Pro

Style Science: How to Ukay Like a Pro

We turn to industry insider and professional stylist Florian Trinidad for surefire ukay hacks



Seen through rose-colored glasses, fashion is easy to write off as the world of the glamorous and superficial. All fluff, frou-frou, and frivolity. On the contrary, when you scratch beneath the surface, it’s anything but. Fashion has the ability to effect real change. As an art form stitched into entire industries like media, entertainment, and retail as well as lifestyles, it has become an integral part of our daily lives—even for those who declare they don’t care for it.


Refocusing the lens on style may be what prompts the needed change in perspective. Instead of looking at the trend-driven fashion industry, we’re digging deep to decode style…in real life. In Style Science, Wonder’s first-ever web series, we tap industry insiders who can provide a deeper understanding of the principles of style. The series kicks off with fashion stylist, Florian Trinidad, whose fresh take on street style has attracted big brands like Converse, Oxygen and the NBA Store. Florian has her regular trips to the ukayukay to thank, too, for exercising her creative muscle. It’s a fun little pastime-turned-major aid in her career. And here, Florian not only tells you how to ukay like a pro but shows you.



Apart from sharing tips, tricks and thrifting hacks, Florian has taken on Wonder's challenge to create six fully-styled looks with a 4,000-peso budget (that’s roughly 670 bucks for an entire outfit). Curious to know how a pro pulls it off? Tune in for Florian’s ukay haul fashion editorial.



Art Alexandra Lara

Director Jan Pineda

Videography Dareen Baylon

Talents Florian Trinidad and Floresse Trinidad

Audio Tech Felizardo Anastacio

Videography Assistant Julius Orendain

Shoot Assistant Ara Custodio


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