Our Favorite Editorial Looks from TWICE Nayeon’s Solo Debut

Our Favorite Editorial Looks from TWICE Nayeon’s Solo Debut

Find us gushing over all of Nayeon’s looks from her solo debut



We said it: we love everything about the solo debut of Nayeon. Her Pop! era is akin to a popsicle on a warm summer day—a refreshing, sticky-sweet, colorful treat. We say this in more ways than one. For starters, her single, Pop!, is the perfect bop to brighten up languid, canicular days. Our brains are still going ~Pop Pop Pop~ as we write this. In contrast to the edgy and experimental cross-genre music of the 4th generation groups, Nayeon’s sound reminds us of a matured take on TWICE’s bubblegum pop roots.


We can’t help but shower our praises; everything about this debut is so well-rounded and cohesive. With visuals as bright as her debut single, Nayeon embodies the whole summery pop concept. It’s as if she was born for this. She is TWICE’s center, after all.


As we play IM NAYEON on repeat, you’ll find us gushing over all of Nayeon’s looks this Pop! era. We could ramble about our favorite it girl for days, but for now, here are our favorite looks from her solo debut.


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Nayeon’s Sporty-Sweet Corseted Number


Possibly the most recognizable outfit in this debut is Nayeon’s corseted number. With dirty blonde locks accentuated by ribbons and a butter-yellow and baby-blue color palette, she reminds us of a summery version of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. It’s the perfect mix of sporty and sweet; the sneakers together with the laced-up corset and tulle maxi skirt balance each other out in this refreshing juxtaposition.


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Nayeon’s Bedazzled Denim


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Perhaps an homage to TWICE’s I Can’t Stop Me denim fits, Nayeon stuns in this bedazzled layout. She glams up this otherwise casual material—denim—with a pair of disco platform boots, feathered shorts and a modified bolero made from crystal crocheted material. Though the elements are standout pieces on their own, they tie together thanks to the cool-toned color palette and common material base. Also, did we mention that we love her subtle blue eyeliner in this look?


Nayeon’s Hot Villain Look


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Nayeon may be known for her charming bunny visuals, but our versatile queen is capable of rocking any concept. Corsets make another comeback with this monochromatic combo: a modified top from Champion paired with the Prada Red Jacquard Shorts. She oozes with appeal in this bright and bold look, looking like a hot villain. You know, the one you can’t hate and end up loving.


Nayeon’s Winx Fairy Butterfly Pieces


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Okay, we’ll be honest. We couldn’t decide which of her butterfly-themed outfits was our favorite, so we’re including both. Because we can.


She’s giving huuuge Winx fairy vibes with this one. Her bejeweled butterfly top and feathered shorts are reminiscent of Bloom, Fairy Of The Dragon Flame. We had huge crushes on the Winx fairies in our childhood, and it’s safe to say that Nayeon as their human counterpart doesn’t disappoint.



For her Studio Choom performance, she wore a Y2K-fied version of the butterfly top with embroidered denim pieces and a butterfly belt, all from Blumarine.


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Nayeon’s Panpyrin-inspired Cherry Bonnet Outfit


Last but not the least, our favorite look from this whole comeback has to be Nayeon’s Panpyrin-inspired cherry bonnet outfit. The outfit from Lirika Matoshi highlights Nayeon’s best features: her sweetness! We love the hippie-perm-like curls peeking out of her bonnet on the front and her bright cherry red lip. We can’t decide if she looks like Little Red Riding Hood, a golden retriever puppy or a character out of Strawberry Shortcake’s Berry Bitty Adventures.


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In conclusion: Nayeon’s comeback is a treat for our eyes and our ears. As stunning as Nayeon looks throughout this era, we have to give credit to the people behind them as well. So thank you, stylist-nims. With TWICE’s contract just renewed, we can’t wait to see what looks and music the 9-piece group will release in the near future.



Words Gwyneth King

Photos Studio Choom, JYP Entertainment, Inkigayo

Art Mark Arquilla

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