Get That Summer Glow with innisfree

Get That Summer Glow with innisfree

Stay worry-free this summer with innisfree



Love the great outdoors but also worried about the possible skin damage that too much sun exposure can bring? Let’s sit this one down because yes, we feel you.


As somebody who finds basking in the sun and doing outdoor activities enjoyable, I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before the effects show on my skin. Sure, I lather on sunscreen and moisturizer religiously, but these products can only do so much to combat inevitable skin aging—the aftermath of sun damage (see also: enlarged pores and blemish scars). Sooner or later, stronger, more potent formulas in the form of serums, essences and ampoules will have to enter my skincare regimen.


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Good thing innisfree is here with their newest hydration hero, the Retinol Cica Moisture Recovery Serum Set! The set contains a Retinol Cica Repair Ampoule (30ml), a Retinol Cica Ampoule Focusing Patch and a Bija Cica Balm EX (10ml)–each item ensuring to bring you soft, hydrated skin this summer.


Inside the box, you will find the Retinol Cica Repair Ampoule, a high-efficacy, low-irritant moisture ampoule containing retinol and cica (AKA centella asiatica) providing care—from gentle exfoliation and sebum control to removal of acne bacteria. It also aids in soothing inflamed skin and reducing pore size and blemish scars.


Included in the set as well is the Retinol Cica Ampoule Focusing Patch that provides intensive care by effectively delivering active substances to areas that need more attention. Lastly, the Bija Cica Balm EX is formulated with bija seed oil (a Jeju Island native plant known for its effectiveness in helping to protect and strengthen skin’s moisture barrier) and centella asiatica extract to help soften skin even more.


Get That Summer Glow with innisfree

Innisfree Retinol Cica Moisture Recovery Serum Set (P1,755)


Now, go out there and spend the rest of your summer days worry-free (or should we say, inis-free)!



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Words Wilwina Bassig

Art Alexandra Lara

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