Issy & Co. Defies All Odds with Next-Level Release

Issy & Co. Defies All Odds with Next-Level Release

Issy & Co. introduces “Next Level Skin,” a groundbreaking 48-piece makeup collection



A couple of years back, we had a very limited supply of beauty products available in our neighborhood drugstores and department stores. The word “whitening” taunted us, giving our kayumanggi selves an identity crisis. As a starry-eyed, very bibo teenager, I relied on a fairly simple makeup routine, which consisted of a BB cream (two to three shades lighter than my real skin tone), a mattifying compact powder that left flashback, a do-it-all tint in an iconic plastic squeeze tube and a trusty ol’ ChapStick that smelled like cherry. For special occasions, I allowed myself to use a foundation that left my skin feeling dull and dehydrated. 


I didn’t exactly have a skincare routine, save for a budget-friendly cleanser that gave my skin that plastic-like feeling after every use. (Newsflash: Save your skin! This is never good.) And my god, I used that tub of the Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser too often; it removed everything—even my deep-seated shame.


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Fast forward to 2022, the beauty landscape in the Philippines has greatly transformed, with homegrown brands championing the needs of this generation’s consumers. For Issy & Co.’s third anniversary, they’re reintroducing their cult-favorite Active Skin Tint and Active Concealer and adding more products to their roster with a groundbreaking 48-piece collection. 



Next Level Skin redefines what it means to be a brand that advocates for inclusivity, all while still highlighting its thrust for “beauty made easy” products. Issy & Co. is adding more shades to their TikTok-approved Active Skin Tint and Active Concealer, which has gained a loyal following since its release.


The well-loved Active Skin Tint, which easily perfects the appearance of skin, now comes in 12 shades complimenting the wide range of Filipino skin tones and undertones. Meanwhile, the Active Concealer welcomes 15 more shades, making a total of 24 shades. No single concealer can do it all, so Issy & Co. designed the roster to offer multiple functions—different undertone concealers for spot-concealing, peach-toned for brightening and correcting, and deep shades for sculpting and contouring. 


Pro-tip: For a softer, diffused look, use a sponge when applying the product; and for fuller coverage, use your fingertips or a dense brush.



To complete Issy & Co.’s Next Level Skin ecosystem, the brand introduces the lightweight, multipurpose and blurring True Flex Powder Foundation, which stays on the skin for up to 12 hours. It’s mattifying while still making your base look skin-like, providing medium buildable to full coverage. Available in nine shades, it can even double as a contour powder for fair to medium skin tones. It’s compact for on-the-go days when you need a quick midday touch-up. It’s even packaged with a flat sponge and built-in brush! 


Finishing off the roster is the non-greasy, non-sticky True Flex Illuminator available in three shades: Ray (a pearl opalescent glow), Halo (a rose golden glow) and Flare (a warm champagne glow). Use alone for a lit-from-within glow; mix in with your base product for a natural, radiant finish; or use on the high points of your face where you would typically place a regular highlighter. 


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Issy & Co. co-founder and creative director Joel Andrade notes a well-designed system that helps consumers get the most out of their beauty products. He shares, “We believe that inclusivity goes beyond just a wide shade range. It also involves taking people’s preferences into consideration. It’s giving people options, choices. We’re so excited for Next Level Skin because it’s our way of propelling the local beauty industry forward.” 


While the local beauty industry is far from perfect, we celebrate how much it has grown in the last few years, many thanks to this generation’s beauty go-getters and consumers. There’s still a lot left to do, and we’re excited to see how else we can drive the Philippines’ beauty landscape to the next level. 



Issy & Co.’s Next Level Skin collection is now available on TikTok Shop, Shopee, Lazada, BeautyMNL and Zalora. 



Photos Issy & Co. 

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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