To All the Blazers We’ve Loved Seeing on Jasmine Curtis-Smith

To All the Blazers We’ve Loved Seeing on Jasmine Curtis-Smith

And other style notes from the actress’ November cover shoot

I can’t think of an outfit that a good blazer can’t zhuzh. Or maybe that’s just me: a self-professed devotee of this ultra-versatile piece of outerwear who likewise knows that when something works, you work it hard. That, coincidentally, was the scenario at the cover shoot with Culion and Midnight In A Perfect World actress Jasmine Curtis-Smith. Last month, she fronted Wonder’s November feature bringing to life a revamped take on power dressing and donning one of three blazers from the cover shoot that we (err, I) haven’t stopped thinking about since.

We dub this one a boardroom and bedroom crossover. Should you ever desire a look that takes inspiration from both, here are just the style pointers (and blazers!) to get you started.

A Lilac Moment

When all else goes hard, you can go soft: Don’t be afraid to offset jewel tones or dark neutrals with something in a milky, powdery pastel. It’s not your typical color combination for sure, but experimenting with these color pairings may surprise you. Right now, bright and light shades of purple are having a moment. And we can think of about 20 other different ways to style this on-trend Yves Camingue blazer below.

Jasmine is wearing: lilac blazer, YVES CAMINGUE, red silk slip dress, ETAM, polka dot pleated skirt, C/MEO COLLECTIVE, knuckle rings, PARFOIS, transparent single-strap sandal, GIBI

XL Sleeves, Please

Not all blazers have to conform to traditional cuts, closures, silhouettes and sleeve lengths, for that matter. Sometimes, it’s fun to toss the blazer’s utilitarian nature to the side and spring for something fashion-forward and unconventional. (With that, Maison Soriano’s oversized, waist-skimming blazer is at the top of our wish list.)

Jasmine is wearing: tie-dye dress, TIE DIET, yellow sheer dress, CON CORDETA, cropped blazer, MAISON SORIANO, strappy sandals, GIBI

Borrowed from the Boys

Because lovers of the blazer know: the best place to shop for women’s straight-cut or oversized blazers is the men’s section. Here, you don’t always have to go loose and baggy all the way. Feel free to strike a balance between masculine and feminine, relaxed and form-fitting, by wearing the blazer over a racy, lacy number.

Jasmine is wearing: lace dress, SAINTE MARION, oversized blazer, OFF WHITE

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November may be over but consider “Get Your Shit Together” our mantra until further notice.

While you’re here, revisit Wonder’s chat with Jasmine Curtis-Smith: she talks growing up in the public eye, feeling whole and keeping her head straight in the cover story.

Photography Shaira Luna (Artists and Company Manila)

Art and Art Direction Alexandra Lara

Fashion Direction and Styling Nicole Blanco Ramos

Beauty Direction Cessi Treñas

Makeup John Pagaduan

Hair Kierlo Velasco


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