Style Lessons from Jennie of Blackpink’s Solo Music Video

Style Lessons from Jennie of Blackpink’s Solo Music Video

How many outfit changes can you fit into a three-minute video?



It’s no secret that Jennie Kim, at the tender age of 22, has been setting off ripples in the fashion scene. After all, she’s one of the members of BLACKPINK, an extremely promising girl group from entertainment label YG Entertainment. Taking the agency’s renown and its artists’ track records into consideration, Jennie’s influence really shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone at all.


A little background: YG Entertainment is among the top entertainment agencies in South Korea. It’s home to the likes of Big Bang, 2NE1, Ikon and Winner––and well, anyone who has dipped their toes into the esoteric waters of K-Pop or fashion should have an idea of who some of those people are. If the names G-Dragon and CL don’t sound familiar, we strongly urge you to come back after doing some research.


Despite having the groundwork laid out for her, Jennie deserves plenty of credit on her own. She’s undoubtedly an all-arounder: she sings, she dances, she raps. And hey, she’s gorgeous and fashionable. Before she closed her endorsement deal with Chanel, Jennie was jokingly dubbed “human Gucci” or “Gucci’s daughter” on Korean forums––nicknames born not only of her affinity for designer pieces, but how she pulls them off.


If that isn’t enough justification for our obvious excitement for her debut single as a soloist, we’ll let the outfits do the talking. All 22 of them.


Up ahead, we round up some of our favorite looks and valuable style lessons from Jennie’s Solo music video.


Always have styling options


Jennie shows up at the laundromat, shimmies out of her pastel pink dress to reveal a Chanel bodysuit…only to show up a few frames later with her outfit totally revamped. While rhinestone-encrusted fishnets might not be the most practical wild card to bring around, carrying an extra pair of earrings, a blazer to layer over an otherwise casual ‘fit, or even a pop of color by way of a punchy shade of lipstick are all easy ways to change up a look when on the go.


Go monochromatic, but make it major

Style Lessons from Jennie of Blackpink’s Solo Music Video


Don’t just stop at a top and a pair of trousers in the same shade. Take cues from Jennie and sport earrings, bracelets and eye makeup in the same color as your fit.


Florals? Groundbreaking

Style Lessons from Jennie of Blackpink’s Solo Music Video


Florals are a recurring theme in Jennie’s music video, appearing in at least three separate outfits. The verdict is in, floral naysayers: the print is here to stay far beyond spring.


Your prom dress still deserves a spot in your closet


Two prom-ready dresses made cameos in Jennie’s music video: a black tube mini dress with a floor-skimming train and this feisty number. If she can make pieces that send a wave of high school nostalgia down our spines, then perhaps we can, too. Don’t forget to finish off the look with a pair of boots!


Bring on the bling


Wear the necklaces. Wear all the necklaces!


Do we really need pants? Debatable.


We all love a pair of trousers that fit like a glove but then again, do you really need them? Jennie’s stylist doesn’t think so. No pants, no problem.


You absolutely need a fuzzy shearling jacket.


Because what else are you going to sleep in?


Think you can catch every single outfit change? You’re on. Check out Jennie’s music video for Solo below!




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