About That Style Edit: September’s Cover Shoot Looks Are All Jess Connelly

About That Style Edit: September’s Cover Shoot Looks Are All Jess Connelly

#WonderxJCon stays true to the artist’s brand of cool, understated edge and the-90s-meet-2019



Wonder’s first-ever cover for fashion month left a lot of room for exploration. On one end and as evidenced by the many Big Fashion Issues that have come before, it could have been made a double digest on the biggest fashion trends of the year. On the other, a chance to go all-out playing dress-up (something we’re already very fond of doing here at Wonder). Bolder, wilder, more extravagant are all valid takes. But with the theme “Style Edit” thrown in, the most perfect idea that presented itself was to let our September cover star Jess Connelly sit right in the driver’s seat.


An obvious choice for our inaugural September cover, the 28-year-old singer-songwriter has done well to establish a lane for herself in the music industry. Along with it? An unmistakable sense of style that she’s honed over the years. Wonder’s September cover pays tribute to that with the help of stylist, creative and one-half of Team Studio Josanna, Karen Bolilia.


Dress like Jess from her #WonderxJCon shoot; shop like her, too.


One Piece, Two Ways: Flip It or Reverse It
A vest is just an open back top if you’re daring enough.


Do as Bolilia did with the vintage leather number she copped from DENUO and wear a vest backwards (works best with anything straight-cut or doesn’t all the way cling to the body). This minimal-effort styling trick gives you two very different looks right off the bat; you can explore the various other styling possibilities from there. Wear it over a top with puff sleeves for something a little more dramatic or a sheer long-sleeved shirt for something sleeker.


jess-connelly-wonder-cover-8Leather vest, DENUO, tulle gloves, EMJ USON, necklace (worn as bracelet), SOUVENIR, trousers, TOQA


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Double Take: Is That…Swim Fabric?
Sustainable fashion is sexy and TOQA knows it.


After showing TOQA some love in her “On My Way Up” music video, Connelly took the local label with her on tour earlier this year showcasing the distinctive tie-dye knitted top in one show and the iridescent twill coordinated set in the next. Perhaps what keeps Connelly drawn to the brand is its non-stuffy take on sustainable fashion, where style and substance don’t just meet; they high five. Case in point: the ribbed knitted hoodie made of repurposed swim fabric below. Who would have guessed?


Dri-FIT knit hoodie, TOQA, trousers, CARL JAN CRUZ


Never Enough Carl Jan Cruz
Beyond a designer-muse relationship, here’s a dialogue between artists and friends.


In the same way TOQA became a fast favorite, Jess Connelly’s relationship with designer Carl Jan Cruz, who has carried with him the moniker “Filipino Fashion Darling” since the launch of his line in 2018, has been easy and effortless. Nearly every milestone in Connelly’s trailblazing career features a CJ Cruz cameo: proof that when something clicks, it’s good sense to keep the synergy going. Below, Bolilia pairs together pieces from CJ Cruz’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection.


About That Style Edit: September’s Cover Shoot Looks Are All Jess ConnellyClassic box tee and trousers, CARL JAN CRUZ



Next, watch and listen as Jess Connelly talks influence, this year versus the last and her definition of style in the latest episode of ‘Wordplay with Wonder.’



Photography Borgy Angeles

Art and Art Direction Alexandra Lara

Fashion Direction Nicole Blanco Ramos

Styling Karen Bolilia

Beauty Direction Cessi Treñas

Makeup Zidjian Floro using Stila (Wield Creatives)

Hair Mycke Arcano (Wield Creatives)

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