Daebak! Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Inspired By Your Favorite K-Pop Stars

Daebak! Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Inspired By Your Favorite K-Pop Stars

From Key’s gilded ensemble to everyone’s favorite It Girl Group of the moment, New Jeans, here are K-Pop-inspired costumes



Halloween is just around the corner. It’s that time again to panic and frantically come up with a costume—as they say, minimum effort but maximum impact. So, if you’re not the type to overprepare (like some of your eager, Halloween-loving friends), it’s best to raid your closet and come up with something you can whip up last minute. But may we suggest you take inspo from not-so-typical pop culture references and turn to K-Pop instead?



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If you’re already a fan, then there’s no need to justify why dressing like some of your favorite K-Pop stars is a cool idea for Halloween. But for those new to the K-Pop world, the music genre is a treasure trove of outfit inspiration even when it isn’t Halloween. Having said that, it’s actually pretty tricky to pick a certain “look” to copy. We all know that Korean artists go all-out when it comes to their music video outfits and stage costumes—but the key is to pick the most recognizable and relevant one of them all. You don’t want to walk into a room just dressed fashionably without anyone really getting the reference. That would automatically count as a “miss.”



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So when deciding which music video, concert ‘fit or comeback stage to draw inspiration from, consider how recent, relevant and eye-catching the overall look is. If you find an outfit that ticks all the boxes, then you’ve found yourself a winning K-Pop costume. But to ease your search, we’ve narrowed down some looks you can easily consider. Trust us, these will earn you a “Daebak!” from any K-Pop stan in the room!


Nayeon “POP!”

TWICE’s Nayeon dressed up in multiple outfits for her solo album and hit title track POP!, but her ‘fit on the album definitely made a mark! Copy her signature pigtails and go for lots of tulle and a corset to complete the look.



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Another iconic outfit to try out would be Nayeon’s towelette onesie with a Louis Vuitton monogram. You can actually DIY the print by painting over your outfit!



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Any K-Pop fan would say that the It Girls of the moment are NewJeans. Though their style is quintessential Y2K, the trick to pulling them off as a costume is actually dressing up as the whole group! So gather four more of your friends and whip out your basketball jerseys, bell-bottom jeans, colored tank tops or anything with a fun and kitschy print, and prep your hair in the zaniest 2000s style!



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J-Hope “Jack in the Box”

BTS’ J-Hope made quite the buzz with his critically-acclaimed solo album, but his look for his title track Arson is a perfect Halloween look. All you need is a boiler suit and prosthetics on your face and hands that look like burn marks. Don’t forget to go heavy on the eyeliner to complete that emo-rocker vibe.



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KEY “Gasoline”

More is more is more for Key’s solo track Gasoline. If you’re looking to be opulent, then opt for a bejeweled gold top and matching trousers dripping in gilded necklaces or chainmail. Think of a prince-like garb with bold shoulders that’s tailored to perfection. On the flip side, you can also copy his darker looks from the video, especially that one ‘fit adorned with skeletal applique.



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BLACKPINK “Pink Venom”

The global girl group phenom never disappoints when it comes to serving multiple looks in their music videos—Pink Venom is no different. But we’d like to zero in on their outfits for the second chorus of the music video that showcases a mix of a sporty and street aesthetic. The twist? They show a lot of skin, which is perfect if you’re going for something risqué this Halloween.



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Red Velvet “Feel My Rhythm”

A music video inspired by classical paintings? Definitely a must for Halloween. People might think you’re just dressing up as a ballerina, but that actually works, too. Just remember to add a corset and a bit more pouf to your skirt much like what Red Velvet did for their Feel My Rhythm comeback.



Psy feat. Suga “That That”

Thinking of dressing up as a cowboy? Then why not give it a Psy spin? This catchy song set in a fake Western town will make you want to dress up in fringe and flared pants. Cowboy boots are obviously a must, especially if you want to hit the dancefloor with some That That moves.



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G-IDLE “Nxde”

The song’s meaning is ambiguous but undeniably sexy and has the group dress up in modern day moulin rouge outfits. If you’re looking to be a showgirl this Halloween, then go ahead and take cues from G-IDLE’s sultry Nxde single.




So, which K-Pop-inspired costume are you dressing up as this Halloween?



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