Check Out These Beauty Looks by K-Pop Girls For Your Next Date

Check Out These Beauty Looks by K-Pop Girls For Your Next Date

Going on a date? Take notes from these K-pop idols and their sweet looks


Let’s be honest, many of us are in dire need of a beauty refresher.


Spending two years mostly at home had some of us putting our beauty products to use only once in a blue moon. But now that we’re taking ourselves out on dates, meeting old friends and new people, it’s high time we get a little more creative with makeup. While practice is required to get back into the groove, inspiration is never low. We’ve got K-pop looks to help us out in that department. So you can definitely get an idea or two thanks to comebacks in abundance and dazzling beauty moments that will undeniably make one do a double take.


What are you waiting for? Scroll ahead for unique date night looks by our favorite K-pop girls.


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Dripping warm like honey 🍯



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For her solo single Honey, MAMAMOO member Solar serves double tap-worthy K-pop looks for us to bookmark. But the look that stands out most is her golden eye makeup that matches her all-yellow ensemble. The warm golden color is subtle, but appears bolder in contrast to the soft brown liner and nude pink lip. All in all, Solar is quite literally, dripping in honey.


Bunny is a rider 🐰



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Eunha is called a visual for a reason, but her look from VIVIZ’s BOP BOP is a no-brainer to cop. K-Beauty looks often have eyeshadow on the lids and under eyes to give the illusion of bigger, brighter eyes. The mix of warm brown and orange-brown on Eunha’s eyelids isn’t overwhelming. It offers equal ground for the blurred red lip. It’s a look that's strong but delicate, giving just the right amount of personality.


We break down this makeup look on Wonder’s TikTok


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Cupid’s Bae 💘



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If making people's jaws drop were a sport, all of Taeyeon’s looks in INVU should be winning medals left and right. But the one that takes home the gold is her midnight ash locks and pink palette combination that makes a case for a sweet-meets-sultry, regal look. Her blush, a soft peach, doesn’t overpower so you know where to keep staring.


Fiercely rosy 🌹



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One of the many K-pop looks on our inspo board is from STAYC’s ISA. Her tender gaze smolders as the brown shimmer shadow on her lids and on her aegyo-sal creates the perfect canvas for a graphic liner and bold lashes. Meanwhile, her rosy pink lip grounds the look perfectly.


Burtonesque Burgundy, baby! 🩸



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If there’s one TikTok trend I swear by, it’s the one that recommends putting a burgundy blush under your eyes—less sugar and a hell lot of spice. For her music video of Eat Your Heart Out, Buddy Kane!, DeVita brings her Tim Burton Dreams to life. The soft burgundy shadow smeared over her lids and way past her under eye! The dark cat eye and waterline! The extra messy blurred lip! I’m living for it all. 


One-color flush for days 🌸

IVE’s Yujin 


IVE’s Yujin has always been such a beauty, but her editorial look for Chanel Beauty and Marie Claire Korea is a personal favorite. Her eye makeup stays soft and straightforward: a subtle color on the lids and a thin, brown liner to extend the eyes. But this look goes all out with a bright and youthful wash of coral on her cheeks and lips. Sweet, refreshing and very Ahn Yujin indeed. 


We lay down the basics of blush in this TikTok.



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