Ladies For Ladies: Keds Continues To Empower Women With Its Limited Edition Styles

Ladies For Ladies: Keds Continues To Empower Women With Its Limited Edition Styles

Ladies for ladies is our new mantra



Women’s Month may be coming to a quick close, but that doesn’t mean the celebrations are (or should) be finishing up, too. After all, the fight for equality and the chance to empower women shouldn’t be limited to 31 days. So let’s wear it loud and proud all year long, shall we?


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On March 18, Keds put strong women together in different locations across the globe to talk about their inspiring stories and motivational moments. Here in the Philippines, we heard from body positivity advocates Danah and Stacy Gutierrez of, social entrepreneurs Anna Meloto-Wilk and Camille Meloto Rodriguez of Human Nature, Cosmopolitan editors Jillian Gatcheco and Retty Contreras, as well as actress Gabbi Garcia.


Fueling Growth

When Danah and Stacy Gutierrez took the stage, it was all about how they learned to love themselves in a society that exercises its freedom to comment on someone else’s weight a little too frequently.



They asked a question we should all keep in mind: Who is imposing all of these standards? And really, who are we trying to impress anyway? Self-love should be something that fuels your personal growth—haters be damned.


The Strength Of A Woman Is Not One-Size-Fits-All

Up next were Anna Meloto-Wilk and Camille Meloto Rodriguez, who redefined the definition of what we might think a girl boss is.



They drove the point that we can lead and serve as we are, without having to uphold ourselves to the standards we see in TV or movies. We never have to look a certain way in order to fit the bill of authority; we don’t have to be aggressive in order to be a boss. You have the right to define your own role.


Surround Yourself With People Who Give You 100 Percent

As for Jillian Gatcheco and Retty Contreras, the discussion centered on the workplace and how women should value their work.



The two editors delved into how important it is to have a mentor and how it’s equally important to impart whatever you learn to the next person that enters your door. And in case you needed to hear it: your value is not based on your productivity alone.


Accepting Yourself

Remember the days when being fair-skinned meant being beautiful? They’re far behind us now, thank god.



Actress and self-love ambassador Gabbi Garcia closed the forum with a little lesson on accepting yourself. As she says, “Wag ka magpa-alipin sa definition of sexy.”


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Along with their Ladies for Ladies forum, Keds launched a limited edition collection of the classic Champion and Triple Decker styles, with the leading lady in mind, of course. Say Ladies First, Whatever or Grl Pwr without having to utter anything.




You know what they say, people look at your shoes first—so make a statement from the get-go with Keds.



Art Alexandra Lara


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