Cop a Bag, Gift a Bag with Knowell

Cop a Bag, Gift a Bag with Knowell

Shop guilt-free! For every bag sold, lifestyle brand Knowell donates a backpack to a partner foundation



2023 introduced Filipino-owned and -made brands committed to showcasing the talent and craftsmanship of our local makers and weavers. I set my eyes on lifestyle brand Knowell, after seeing their bestselling camera puffer bags on an Instagram ad. There is a wide range of colors available—17 to be exact, from cream to lilac—and for every bag sold, the brand donates a backpack to a partner foundation. It just seemed too good to be true! 


Puffer bags emerged as one of the biggest fashion trends in 2023. From Beyond the Vines’ always sold-out Poofy Bag to COS’ Oversized Quilted Crossbody Bag, these ludicrously capacious bags were all over our feeds. This time around, we’re celebrating our very own Filipino designers who made the trend their own.



Owner Jonel Katipunan talks to Wonder about Knowell and their commitment to supporting education with their partner organizations. 


Wonder: Can you tell us more about Knowell and the team behind it?

Jonel: Knowell is a lifestyle brand that creates colorful and functional pieces for everyday adventure. Proudly Filipino-made, we hold a commitment to supporting education in the Philippines. This commitment is reflected in our initiative to donate one backpack for every bag sold across all our current sales channels. 


W: Why “Knowell?”

J: My father, with three decades of experience in the bag-making industry, inspired me to create something that honors and celebrates his lively personality, his pride in locally made bags and his kindness towards everyone. “Knowell” comes from his name, Noel. He truly believes that Filipino-made items are superior and that is what we are trying to show with our bags.

W: Puffer bags are all the rage in 2023, an unprecedented yet welcome trend we hope sticks for years to come. How did you choose the products for your first collection?

J: Personally, I love the puffer trend. I love small bags, and I love vibrant and colorful hues! After a ton of brainstorming and product testing, we came up with these products to match different personalities. Our debut lineup? 17 colors! Why? Because we are all about getting to know you! We want you to have options and pick the color that truly represents your mood or era.



W: We love that Knowell donates one backpack to a partner organization for every bag purchased. It almost makes purchasing guilt-free! Can you tell us more about this partnership and the organizations you partnered with?

J: At Knowell, we want to create a future where every purchase makes a difference. That's why for every bag you purchase, we donate a backpack to our trusted partner organizations. These partnerships are carefully chosen to ensure that our contributions directly benefit communities in need. 


We've teamed up with incredible organizations that share our passion for making a difference, including I Love Enzoe Foundation, supporting children diagnosed with cancer and their families, and Springboard Foundation, dedicated to creating nurturing environments for children in poor families in the Philippines.


We really want to drive positive change through our products, which is why we want to help in the best way we know, producing and donating bags.


W: Should we expect more products in 2024?

J: We're proud of the success of our launch and the positive reception from our amazing community! Knowell is just getting warmed up, and we’re currently hard at work crafting our next line. Expect a fresh wave of creativity with new designs, innovative fabrics, bigger bags and exciting color combinations. 


In addition, we’re actively seeking partner organizations that align with and support our cause.


Stay tuned as we continue to evolve and bring you even more fantastic products while creating impact together in 2024 and beyond!


Shop Knowell on Lazada and Shopee. Stay updated by following them on Instagram and Facebook.



Photography Renzo Navarro

Art Macky Arquilla

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