Support Local: Likhang HABI Market Fair 2020 Goes Online

Support Local: Likhang HABI Market Fair 2020 Goes Online

A pioneer in artisan fairs and local textile advocacy showcasing ethical products that are proudly Pinoy!

For the first time since 2009, the Likhang HABI Market Fair will be held online. The annual fair, usually done at the Glorietta Activity Center in Makati, will go live from October 21 to 27 on their website. This way, artisans and weavers can utilize this new platform to promote their creations without the risk of contact amid a pandemic.

Despite the lack of social interaction, the online fair will serve as an advantage to reach out to potential buyers beyond the Philippines. Now, the rest of the globe can experience a taste of our culture through handmade curated pieces. 

The physical fair will be missed, but the e-commerce platform will be just as meaningful! Customers will have full access to everything, from accessories and merchandise to home goods and textiles. 

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Although the new norm has been quite the challenge for the organization, its new e-commerce presence hopes to generate buzz among those who are curious about unique indigenous items. These challenging times have not stopped enthusiastic weavers from creating charming pieces with passion.

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Why shop Likhang HABI? HABI supports local farmers and weavers in order to preserve indigenous cultures. Their role has always been to educate consumers on the weaving industry. They place emphasis on its important historical contribution to our society. 

The market fair gathers practitioners who encourage the younger generation to partake in cultural activities. HABI reminds us that it is imperative for the youth to serve as role models amongst their peers to understand that traditional crafts are more than just a trend.

Support Local: Likhang HABI Market Fair 2020 Goes Online
Support Local: Likhang HABI Market Fair 2020 Goes Online
Support Local: Likhang HABI Market Fair 2020 Goes Online

HABI has been spreading the word through webinars and social media to widen the discussion among the youth. The appreciation for traditional art and its level of craftsmanship brings joy to designers who are finding their space between classic and contemporary designs. 

Mark your calendars! Your next online shopping trip might open the door to an exciting cultural adventure. 

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Words Marga Sibug

Art Alexandra Lara


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