Lisa, V & Park Bo-gum in Paris & Their Best Looks

Lisa, V & Park Bo-gum in Paris & Their Best Looks

The Hallyu trifecta—BTS’ V, Blackpink’s Lisa and actor Park Bogum—turns heads at CELINE’s latest show at Paris Fashion Week



First things first: BTS’ V, BLACKPINK’s Lisa and actor Park Bo-gum make a trio we never knew we needed. And for CELINE’s show at Paris Fashion Week, no less.


To be honest, we’re still taking it all in. For one, it’s a fever dream to see the Kim Taehyung, known as V onstage, attend a fashion show in person. ARMYs have constantly matched him to the luxury brand CELINE, and now the fan edits of him and the brand have finally manifested.


Also, who knew that the trio were such good friends? We loved seeing them in Paris; they mingled with the biggest names in fashion, played basketball, went café hopping and had the time of their lives. We can’t help but melt at their friendship as they looked out for each other during their whole stay in Paris.


But of course, they were there with an objective: to attend CELINE’s show at Paris Fashion Week. With that, here’s a roundup of our favorite looks from this iconic trio.



V’s Summery Chic Airport Fashion


Airport fashion is something we’ve been looking forward to since travel restrictions were lifted.


Since it’s summer in Korea and Paris, V swapped his iconic thick coats and ties for a leopard-print button down, a plain white tank top, flared black jeans and a red cap. The details make the simple outfit stand out: playfully ruffled hair, pointed leather shoes, a vintage Cartier watch and simple accessories tie this otherwise casual outfit, making it a summer-chic look.


V’s Eye-catching PFW Look



For the fashion show, V dons CELINE’s Look #51 from their Men's Fall-Winter 2022-2023 show, replacing the see-through shirt for a sequined number. The look is iconic for many reasons: the leather jacket is reminiscent of fellow icon Michael Jackson’s Thriller piece, and it reminds ARMYs of the singer’s expensive North Face red padded jacket that his mother bought when he was still starting out.


Whether people recognize the jacket’s significance, one thing’s becomes certain: Red is his color, and the leather jacket is a standout look in a sea of fashion fiends.


Lisa’s Modish Comfy Airport Look


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Airport fashion is a tricky thing. You want to wear the coziest outfit possible while still looking presentable.


Like V, Lisa makes her cozy outfit into something modish thanks to her attention to detail. Her cozy hoodie has structure—courtesy of its ribbed body—and she dons wide-legged leather pants and accessorizes with a CELINE leather purse, making her look dressed up without sacrificing comfort.


Lisa’s Elegant PFW Look


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Lisa came to CELINE’s show dressed in elegance. Her monochromatic look serves as a good contrast to her blonde ‘do, and the sequined halter neck top highlights her angular shoulders. Minimalism again amplifies the refinement of the CELINE brand: the tiny gold details in her belt and her jewelry go together neatly.


With this look, Lisa once again lives up to her reputation as the Human CELINE.


Bo-gum’s University Chic Airport Look


Bo-gum is known for his charming, boyish visuals, and we think that his airport outfit perfectly encapsulates that. Think university cutie gone sleek! His vintage-hued varsity jacket paired with the classic white CELINE shirt and a leather messenger purse are an upgraded version of the boy-next-door crush concept.


Bogum’s Refined PFW Look



We absolutely love how the trio matched up all their PFW looks for the CELINE show. Following the mostly-monochromatic theme, V and Bo-gum wore matching statement chest pieces, and Lisa and V both wore sequined tops.


Bo-gum’s outfit of choice was CELINE’s Look #5 from their Men's Fall-Winter 2022-2023 show, and his tailored coat and turtleneck combo makes him look oh so refined, further reinforcing his actor visuals.



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Paris Fashion Week has just concluded, and the trifecta are back safely in their home country. It will take a few more days before everything sinks in, but if there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s this: Hallyu and fashion are forces to be reckoned with.


We can’t wait to see other Hallyu icons dominate the fashion industry. What collaborations are you excited to see next?


Words Gwyneth King

Photos Weverse, Newsen, Hypebae Korea, Celine

Art Pis Trinidad


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