London Fashion Week Will Always Be About New And Emerging Designers

London Fashion Week Will Always Be About New And Emerging Designers

Fresh perspectives are always welcome and quite frankly, necessary



If New York Fashion Week Spring 2020 was about diversity and inclusivity, and strong political statements, London Fashion Week is and will always be about new and emerging talent. That’s precisely what we love about LFW—bright young(ish) things disrupting the fashion and art scene, unapologetically defying norms, making genius contradictions and honestly, individuals who are just unafraid to be different. Here, under-the-radar talents you need to know now. 


Supriya Lele

Supriya Lele’s spring summer 2020 presentation was all about cultural intersections. The designer pays tribute to her Indian heritage and British upbringing by way of fresh and unexpected styles. Soft nods to traditional Indian dresses and culture were noticeable but were made modern through darker, more subdued colors, abstract design and peeks of skin. The looks express Lele’s duality and her ability to create wearable, cohesive and absolutely unique pieces that we definitely want in our wardrobe.



At Eftychia, the Greek-born designer imitates career life in impeccable designs and tailoring (really, it’s flawless). She imagines the women that resonate with her label in the boardroom at “The Last Meeting.” Here, they’re all suited up in understated luxewear that features contemporary 70s elements set against dreary walls and a retro-chic conference table. Inarguably, the collection is made for those with a sartorial preference for menswear and softly structured silhouettes (and also us ??????).


Martaja Kubowski

Further on the subject of brilliant contrasts, Martaja Kubowski strays from spring summer norms. Because who isn’t tired of seeing florals or other season-staple trends over and over again? In Kubowski’s presentation, the Polish designer reinforces her signature aesthetic: that in which she is all-woman, she is elegance, but she is never boring. Expect nothing but wares with clever tailoring and uncommon drapes and layering that you'll want to wear whatever the season.



Now, remember their names because you will likely hear, see and read about them again.



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