What To Wear Between Now And Beyond Quarantine: Loungewear

What To Wear Between Now And Beyond Quarantine: Loungewear

Read: Comfort! Style! Clothes—you can shop or unearth from your current closet—to live in and through the now and beyond



Among the mixed bag of essentials and non-essentials I bought this year, clothes weren’t one of them. I figured, (I might) have outside clothes that I can wear at home and if I decided to wear pambahay to a Zoom meeting, no one would ever know. Of course, the mindset was, ‘this will all be over soon and we’ll be back to normal in no time.’ That was me and a couple of other people I know sometime in May or June.


But quarantine extensions, false hopes and the thought of staying in for maybe another year, resulted in me exerting no effort in the way I look or present myself to whomever would see me that day, online or IRL. On bad days, I skipped showers altogether because what was the point (I was already in my pajamas anyway)? Personal hygiene aside, that obviously had negative effects on my mental health. I felt like crap and I looked the part, too. 


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On good days, my go-to fit would be cycling shorts and oversized t-shirts. I would love to wear my suit sets or my favorite top worn by Wonder’s two-time cover girl Gaby Padilla at home but it didn’t seem practical. Wearing workout clothes the whole day, while I found convenient at the start, turns out isn’t as convenient when you have to pick up unannounced deliveries. And, my high waist leggings didn’t leave much room to breathe in after a meal.


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So what can people wear in quarantine? What can I see myself and others with similar requirements (read: comfort! style!) wear, work and live in for the next couple of months? More importantly, could they be worn outside for quick errands and after all this is over? Loungewear aka home pants, comfort clothes or stretch fashion, became popular last summer. But there were few local brands that pivoted their in-quarantine collections to this category. Here are some I’ve found:


Rory & Sloan

When I think of comfortable clothes, I think of ultra-soft and snug styles that almost feel like a hug but in light fabrics that can be worn all day and all year round. Maybe that’s exactly what Rory & Sloan had in mind when they came up with their doing nothing collection. It features bra and biker short sets, and cropped pullovers in macaron-inspired pastels and clean neutrals. See them for yourself here.


Nekid Swimwear

Nekid Swimwear got me at, “Effortless, comfortable essentials designed for everyday and beyond.” Known for their swim and resort wear, Nekid’s Everyday collection is composed of boxy overalls, sleep sets as well as everyday sets, and wrap tunics in easy-on-the-eyes color ways.

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Neon Island

Serving big, bold colors, can’t-find-elsewhere prints and patterns, and in fabrics that will take you anywhere but here, Neon Island Essentials takes the basic pajama and turns it into something un-basic. For the print-and-patterns-shy however, they offer solid-colored pajama sets that’s best saved for lounging indoors. Check out their Essentials right this way.


Serena Clothing

If Little House on a Prairie is more your vibe when you think of loungewear, you may want to add Serena Clothing to your options. They offer prairie-chic dresses as well as matching sets that’ll take you beyond rolling hills and sprawling greens. 

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UNDO Clothing

Meet a local brand that’s quick to adapt to changing tastes and times: UNDO. They’ve done basics, active wear, accessories and recently expanded into furniture and homewares. But whatever the season or trend, UNDO remains true to its cool-girl but classic aesthetic. 


What I and for sure many others are eyeing and have already bookmarked on Instagram is UNDO’s Lounge Club collection. From basic tees to caps, tote bags to socks, and cozy hoodies to sweat-things, they have nearly everything a gal (or guy) needs to live in and through this quarantine season. See what I mean here.


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Did I miss your favorites? Feel free to let me know in the comments. And should you want more options, here are international brands to look to for more loungewear:


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The Frankie Shop

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As the saying goes, “get up, dress up, show up and never give up.” I’ve already saved that Pin for bad days (and when I don’t feel like taking a shower). Stay informed, be sensitive, feel all the feelings you need to. But don’t guilt trip yourself for wanting to engage in fun activities, like dressing up (it is after all part of taking care of oneself). Should you choose to be frugal, that’s fine too. Let this be a guide for at-home fashion as you rummage through your own closet. Happy hunting and/ or shopping!



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