Are We Ready For Love Beauty and Planet?

Are We Ready For Love Beauty and Planet?

Sustainable beauty shouldn’t be a trend



For whatever reason, sustainability has become a strong trend. You see it in clothing, in personal care, in no-single-use-plastic bills that are trying to be passed into laws and in makeup, too. Brands all over the world have put in their two cents on the topic, initiating their own projects to diminish their—and everyone else’s—ecological footprints.


Well, we have a new player, folks. Coming in from the Unilever corner, dressed in pink, green or purple, is Love Beauty and Planet.


You know the gist, but let’s put it on the record first. Love Beauty and Planet, from its formulation to its packaging, makes sure that it’s eco-friendly. That means ethically-sourcing ingredients, being vegan, being cruelty-free and making use of zero silicones, dyes, parabens and colorants. This means that the packaging itself is made from recycled plastic and is still reusable after consumption.


The ingredient list isn’t the shortest and you might not even recognize a few of the items, but there are a few things that even the ignorant of us can understand. The conditioner products of Love Beauty and Planet, for example, are easy to rinse off. Ideally, this saves on water since it means less shower time just trying to get that stuff off your head. The adhesive they use to label the products aren’t as strong either, which makes it so much easier to give them another life.


Okay, okay; we know. Big promises, big words. “But what about my beauty regimen?” you might say, humbly and with a tinge of guilt. Fortunately, no sacrifices will have to be made.


Are We Ready For Love Beauty and Planet?


The Murumuru Butter and Rose Collection (pink)


Specifically made to keep colored hair vibrant (read: alive), the Murumuru Butter and Rose shampoo and conditioner is every dyed girl and guy’s dream. And because this is the only complete collection in the local market, you can also hit your skin with some body wash and lotion.


The Argan Oil and Lavender Collection (purple)


Where are my frizzy friends at? The Argan Oil and Lavender shampoo and conditioner are for taming, smoothening, relaxing and refreshing. Do try to keep your head on straight though; you’ll want to keep pumping that lotion on your hand just to keep inhaling the smell.


The Tea Tree Oil and Vetiver Collection (green)


Now this is a line that will bring you back to the spa the second that you open its bottles. The scent alone will give you a relieving feeling and this only continues as you slather on the shampoo, conditioner and body wash.


But the question really is whether or not the Philippine market is ready for it. Are we willing to throw away our tried-and-tested personal care products for something that will be a little kinder to the environment? Well, geez, the answer should be yes. But if it’s not (yet), you should be at least willing to take a little dip (now). It’s all about the small acts of love, after all.


Love Beauty and Planet will be available online through Lazada, Beauty MNL, Zalora, Beauty Bubble, Shoppee and Watsons Online starting January 21, 2019. And before you diss on online shopping and the damage it does to the environment, the team behind Love Beauty and Planet have made deals with their sellers—even their delivery packaging gets a thumbs up.



Art Alexandra Lara


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