It’s Time to Buy a “Ludicrously Capacious Bag”

It’s Time to Buy a “Ludicrously Capacious Bag”

Want to partake of the “ludicrously capacious bag” trend? Sorry, Tom Wambsgans, we’re happily entering our big-purse era



Show of hands: who isn’t over this week’s Succession finale? Don’t know about y’all, but we’re definitely going to go through withdrawal for the next few weeks without our favorite morally-bankrupt right-wing billionaire family. From the complex and layered way the Roy siblings were written (we’re partial to Shiv, the ultimate girlfailure) to the iconic costumes that sparked many a thinkpiece on quiet luxury, it’s gonna be a hard few weeks getting used to the loss of one of television’s best-written dramedies.


The show does have one memorable flaw though, found in an early scene during the season four premiere episode: at an intimate party hosted at the Roy’s sprawling Park Avenue apartment, the haughty Tom Wambsgans chided his bumbling underling Greg for his date’s, well, unfortunate handbag choice. “She's brought a ludicrously capacious bag,” he sneers in disgust and proceeds to mock her big bag’s bridge-and-tunnel connotations. “What's even in there, huh? Flat shoes for the subway? Her lunch pail?”



And to this, we say: why would we bourgeois girlies take fashion advice from an out-of-touch billionaire anyway? While we’re grateful for Jacquemus’s Le Chiquito and the way it brought mini-bags to the forefront of our purse rotation, sometimes a girl just needs to lug around a sizable amount of stuff. Imagine a day that takes you from the office to the gym and straight to the grocery. While cute, there are just some days when a teeny-tiny purse simply will not cut it.


So no, Tom—we’re gonna be defiant on this one and dub this summer the season of the ludicrously capacious bag. Ahead, check out our top picks for the season’s “biggest” trend.


Burberry Medium Title Vintage Check Two-Handle Bag

Available at, US $1,734


Ahh, straight to the offending ludicrously capacious itself. We wonder: is the roomy size the bag’s worst quality? Or was it the iconic (some would say tacky) Burberry plaid that pushed Tom over the edge? Whatever it is, we recognize the bag’s Y2K-era charm, and would even go as far as to call it (dare we say) cute.


Beyond the Vines XL Dumpling Bag

Available at, SGD $109


Want a roomy bag that’s lightweight yet can lug around a full day’s worth of stuff? Look no further than Singaporean brand Beyond the Vines’ cult-fave nylon bag. While it is indeed capacious, once empty, you can conveniently fold it into a tiny square you can toss into any mini bag. Did we mention it comes in several of the most delectable pastel hues?


Bottega Veneta Large Andiamo Bag

Available at, US $7,900


Got a lot of cash to burn but still can’t get ahold of your dream Birkin? Consider the Andiamo. Bottega may be primarily known for its teeny Jodies and compact Cassettes, but the Andiamo represents a roomier era for the design house’s purses. And heads up: it’s on its way to becoming the season’s most coveted bag, counting RM, Jacob Elordi and Michelle Yeoh among its fans.


COS Quilted Oversized Shoulder Bag

Available at, US $99


One glance at this bag and the first thing you’ll notice is just how soft it looks. It’s not often that you come across a bag reminiscent of a stuffed toy, after all. With its gigantic cocoon shape and tufted texture, this is the perfect comfort bag to wear on the laziest of days. And hey: if it’s good enough for Jennie Kim, it’s good enough for you.


Charles and Keith Edna Tote Bag

Available at, ₱4,599


Take it from a brand that redefined what luxury means. A mall staple for decades, Charles & Keith is enjoying a brief surge in popularity among Gen Z for consistently delivering affordable yet high-quality purses for the young stylish woman. We love this slouchy and spacious tote that you can use both at work or for an errand-filled day. The best part? Adjust the straps and you can convert it from a shoulder bag into a messenger! We stan versatility.


halohalo Thelma Tote​​

Available at, P4,900


Manila’s coolest girls all have at least one go-to halohalo bag in their purse arsenal, and we totally get them—the brand’s stylish takes on the classic bayong just exudes elegant Filipino chic. No wonder bags sell out on the website in a literal minute! We’re partial to this mid-sized tote with a cool pattern. It’s large enough to carry your laptop and work essentials, and pretty enough to make you the envy of your office floor.


IKEA Frakta Large Shopping Bag

Available at, P50


We admit, this is a polarizing choice. This is an IKEA shopping bag, after all. But while the Audrey Hepburn clones and old-money girlies may scoff at this tote, it’s the perfect match for gorpcore baddies and streetwear enthusiasts who yearn for an edge tinged with a little irony. And not for nothing, where else can you find a Demna-at-Balenciaga-esque bag for only P50?


Saint Laurent Icare Maxi Shopping Bag

Available at, US $4,900


This just in: hobo bags are officially back! There’s something about the massive scale and generous slouch of this Saint Laurent number that reminds us of Olsen-twin-adjacent glamour, plus the giant gold monogram only proves that logomania is here to stay. Still dubious? Take it from the chicest style superstars like Zoe Kravitz and Rosie Huntington-Whitely, who have both adopted the Icare as their fave tote this season.


Telfar Large Shopping Bag

Available at, US $257


If you asked any fashionista worth their salt to name the it-bag of the decade so far, we wouldn’t be surprised if they name-dropped the wildly popular Telfeezy. You’re probably familiar with the adorable mini-bag version, but consider the large size: it doubles as a fabulously oversized day bag and as an overnight bag—or pull a Dua and use it as your carry-on for your next flight!


Uniqlo Round Mini Shoulder Bag

Available at, P790


We know, we know. Is it ludicrously capacious? Not really. But we have to tell you, it is ludicrously spacious. There’s a reason why you see this viral dumpling bag everywhere—it’s a true Mary Poppins-type bag that can fit an otherworldly amount of stuff. (Including a water bottle FYI, yes we’ve tried!) With a near-limitless capacity and an assortment of eye-catching hues, it’s no wonder the ubiquitous bag was deemed this summer’s hottest retail product.


So what’s the verdict: are you ready to embrace the big-bag trend? Or are you not yet willing to part with your beloved mini bags? Chime in at the comments below!



Words Jer Capacillo

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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