A Peek at the Beauty Mood Board for Mari Jasmine’s February Cover Shoot

A Peek at the Beauty Mood Board for Mari Jasmine’s February Cover Shoot

How the makeup looks at #WonderxMari came about and came together



Being entrusted with a shoot’s beauty direction means you are transposed into the business of serving face: It comes with great responsibility and a great deal of awareness. From the jump, it’s an opportunity to breathe new life into makeup looks done many times before. And it certainly helps when the cover star is down for the ride.


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With Mari Jasmine front and center, the month of February was a chance to revisit romance and that smitten-like-a-kitten, post-Valentine’s Day feeling. For fashion, the looks presented a fresh take on romantic styling. The newer New Romantics, if you will. Hand in hand with these were the carefully crafted beauty looks that sought to get experimental without veering away from the task of the day: play up the features unique to the ever-stunning Mari Jasmine.


Ahead, a peek inside the mind of Wonder’s resident beauty girl Cessi Treñas, who walks us through her main inspiration for the Mari’s beauty looks later brought to life by makeup artist to the stars Anthea Bueno.



The Beauty Guide: It’s Just A Little Flush

“With Mari, we accentuated the cheek area for the first look and the eyes for the second [more on that later]. The reason being I find these to be the stand-out features of her face,” shares Treñas. “The cheeks accentuate how nice her skin is and shift the focus to that first-of-summer glow. She also has beautiful, piercings eyes­­­­­­, so it was nice to highlight those.”


A Peek at the Beauty Mood Board for Mari Jasmine’s February Cover Shoot



The Final Look

For the glam team, the trick to pulling off a youthful, lively beauty look that isn’t overdone was using a single shade of product on the face. “For the first look, we just went very natural with the eyes and the focus was on the cheek area, the nose bridge as well as the lips; I wanted to match colors across these three areas,” says Treñas. “I initially gave Anthea Bueno two color choices: She had the option to go with something a bit rosier, which is what we end up choosing. The other option would have been to go with something a little more reddish-orange like the makeup look on the left in the beauty deck.”


A Peek at the Beauty Mood Board for Mari Jasmine’s February Cover Shoot


The Beauty Guide: She’s Got the Golden Touch

The next beauty look was all about creating dimension and getting graphic with eyeliner (which was a welcome suggestion from BJ). “This is where we sort of went ham with the highlighter, which worked in our favor and thanks to BJ’s lighting,” adds Treñas. “We also noticed that Mari doesn’t do this very often: where she thickens her eyebrows. So, we wanted a nice change with her beauty so that’s what we did. We thickened the eyebrows while accentuating the eye area. Anthea used a pink base and then lined the inner corner of the eyes with gold.”


A Peek at the Beauty Mood Board for Mari Jasmine’s February Cover Shoot

Key inspiration Christina Nadin photographed by Tamara Williams with makeup by Jose Corella


The Final Look

Apart from taking trends into consideration and looking to sources of inspiration like editorials, Pinterest, Tumblr and others, it was important for Treñas and the glam team to work Mari’s best features and work ‘em hard. “More than trends, I think it’s nice to find things that suit the person you are working with,” she says. “We know that Mari looks nice with soft, delicate colors, so we wanted to amp that up. Anthea also added freckles here, which looked so natural and just beautiful. It was a nice way to tie the entire look together.”


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Now you, too, can glow a la Mari Jasmine.



Photography BJ Pascual

Art and Art Direction Alexandra Lara

Fashion Direction and Styling Nicole Blanco Ramos assisted by Emj Uson

Beauty Direction Cessi Treñas

Makeup Anthea Bueno

Hair Suyen Salazar

Location Studio BJ Pascual


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