Getting to Know “Drag Den Philippines” Makeup Artist Marlyn Ocampo

Getting to Know “Drag Den Philippines” Makeup Artist Marlyn Ocampo

We’re highlighting Manila Luzon’s fantastical makeup looks created by Marlyn Ocampo



If there’s something we’ve determined in 2022, it’s that Filipinos love all things drag. From drag-themed brunches to hit reality television series that showcase the creativity and boldness of Pinoys, the local drag scene is flourishing. And as the year comes to a close, the den is finally open! 


Drag Den Philippines, streaming exclusively on Prime Video, is serving looks and all-around entertainment with an eight-week dragdagulan. At the helm is Ru Paul’s Drag Race alum, “Drag Lord” Manila Luzon


This time, we’re spotlighting Manila’s fantastical, maximalist beauty looks created by none other than makeup & drag artist and NYX Face Awards Philippines winner Marlyn Ocampo. This shape-shifting diva is serving major looks all season long—even paying homage to 90s Filipina icon Jolina Magdangal. 



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In this Wonder exclusive, we get to know Marlyn and discover her creative process on the show, plus get some drag-approved makeup recommendations. 


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Wonder: Can you tell us about how you became part of “Drag Den Philippines”? What was your initial reaction upon knowing you'll be part of Manila Luzon's glam team? 

Marlyn: It was a roller coaster experience because I actually auditioned for the show. I was so close to being a part of the cast, but they put me in the wildcard all of a sudden. I went through so much at that time.


Sir Jayson, Manila's manager at the time, contacted me to become her makeup artist. That made me feel so much better, and it feels very validating, especially as an AFAB (assigned female at birth) drag artist. 


W: From a rising drag makeup artist to now, the makeup artist of Manila Luzon on the show, what does this full-circle moment mean for you? 

M: It feels like a childhood dream come true. I've always looked up to Manila since I was in high school, before I even knew [about] Drag Race. I randomly watched [the show] on my YouTube algorithm and got really into it. I used to buy tickets to her shows, and now I actually [get] to work with her. 



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W: With each look, is it a collaborative effort between you and Manila? What is your creative process like?  

M: Yes! On each day of filming, I always draw on paper and [consider] what she likes and what she doesn't like and get Manila's approval. I also have to look at the theme, outfits, hair and accessories for the makeup to fit [each] look. If someone suggests [to do] something, I ask her if she likes it but usually, I paint according to her preference. 


W: Would you have any memorable looks from the show you loved creating the most? 

M: Yes! I love when we get experimental with her makeup. My favorite is…you'll see but it's something personal and meaningful to me. 



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W: As a makeup artist and creative, what are some of the biggest challenges you faced during filming? 

M: The biggest challenge was the time limit, and I had to do the looks quickly—but should look very flawless on camera and in person. Another challenge is the lack of rest because we finished filming past midnight and had to get to the set the next morning. It was very fun though. 


W: Any Marlyn-approved makeup products that can withstand a long day of shooting? 

M: ONE/SIZE Beauty Setting Spray, Tatcha Primer and a lot of setting powder. 


Getting to Know "Drag Den Philippines" Makeup Artist Marlyn Ocampo

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Getting to Know "Drag Den Philippines" Makeup Artist Marlyn Ocampo

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W: How would you describe your overall “Drag Den” experience? 

M: It was fulfilling. 


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We can’t wait to see the rest of Marlyn Ocampo’s awe-inspiring looks for Manila Luzon on Drag Den Philippines



Stream “Drag Den Philippines” exclusively on Prime Video. Stay updated by following Marlyn Ocampo on Instagram. 



Photos Marlyn Ocampo

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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