Soft Makeup Looks All Season with the Merzy Soft Touch Collection

Soft Makeup Looks All Season with the Merzy Soft Touch Collection

Korean beauty junkies can look forward to a new release: The Merzy Soft Touch Collection



Even before the Hallyu Wave broke out across the globe, Filipinos were already fans of Korean culture. Back then, we either knew someone who was a K-pop fan before K-pop was ~popular~ or we were the fans who carried merch loud and proud (second generation K-pop fans, anyone?). The malls that we frequented carried the most popular Korean skincare brands, complete with standees of their ambassadors.


This time around, things look a little different. K-culture has gone beyond the scope of music and beauty. We have a plethora of Korean grocery stores and restaurants, Korean-inspired bakeshops, Korean-inspired music groups and more. K-pop fans can express their love for their idols even more, with hordes of people getting into K-pop with each new Korean comeback.


In the world of K-beauty, more global brands have landed in our local malls, making even niche beauty brands accessible to the Filipino. Gone are the days when we had to pabili or pasabuy our staple Korean skincare products from our friends and relatives visiting Korea. Now, these are one click away, thanks to platforms like Shopee.


Speaking of niche beauty brands, Korean beauty junkies can look forward to a new K-beauty release: Merzy’s Soft Touch Collection. The collection has 12 products in total, complete with matte lip tints, liquid blushes and eyeshadow sticks.


Merzy Soft Touch Lip Tint (P429)


The Soft Touch Lip Tint is true to its name: the application is velvety soft, and the color payoff gives a blurred effect all while retaining its vibrant shades. Choose from six shades (or get them all!): Muted Rose, Sangria, Ablaze Amber, Cinnamon Roll, Uncovered Taupe and Smoking Wood.


Shop the Soft Touch Lip Tint on Shopee.


Merzy Soft Touch Liquid Blusher (P494)


For the beauty junkie that’s constantly on-the-go, this blush is for you. The Soft Touch Liquid Blusher dissolves seamlessly into your skin with only finger application, and its moisturizing formula leaves a silky finish, too. The blusher comes in three shades: Cozy Rose Beige, Classic Peach and Coral Mood.


Shop the Soft Touch Liquid Blusher on Shopee.


Soft Touch Eyeshadow Stick (P449)


What’s K-beauty without glitter and shimmer? The Soft Touch Eyeshadow Stick makes glitter eyeshadow application so much easier because of its stick format, and the formula is waterproof, too! Choose from three shades: Over Crystal, Casual Gold and Vintage Cinnamon.


Shop the Soft Touch Eyeshadow Stick on Shopee.



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Still want more of Merzy? Check out their previous release, The Heritage Collection.



Follow Merzy on Instagram and shop their products on Shopee.


Words Gwyneth King

Photos Merzy

Art Macky Arquilla


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