Merzy The Heritage Collection

All Things Merzy: A Look at The Heritage Collection


March 31, 2022
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Get to know the K-beauty brand’s The Heritage launch



There’s truly no lack when it comes to Korean beauty brands at present. With e-commerce platforms like Shopee, too, shopping for products has become even more accessible. Not to mention how tempting it is to add to cart with vouchers and discounts available on the daily! 


This time, we’re putting the spotlight on Merzy, the trendy Korean makeup brand that rose to prominence because of their cult favorite lip tints. These have gone viral on TikTok with over 537 million views. Their bold and daring roster of products contrasts to subtle, subdued colors that K-beauty is known for. 


Get to know the K-beauty brand’s latest release, The Heritage Collection, that covers lip care, eye beauty and more. 



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Merzy The Heritage All Day Lip Care (P449)


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Chapped, dry lips? We don’t know her! Formulated with shea butter, get irresistibly soft and kissable lips with a moisturizing, tinted balm from Merzy. Add a bit of warmth to your face with just one product! Pick from two colors: Sun Balm (a brick rose) and Moon Balm (a chili wine). 


Shop The Heritage All Day Lip Care on Shopee. 


The Heritage Velvet Tint (P449)


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It’s the lip tint of your dreams that leaves a soft velvet texture and a lingering impression on the lips. The ultra soft finish feels comfortable, almost airy. Choose from four bold shades: Tortoise Brick, Tiger Wine, Phoenix Red and Dragon Rose.  


Shop The Heritage Velvet Tint on Shopee. 


Merzy The Heritage Pen Eyeliner (P399)


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Perfect that cat eye with The Heritage Pen Eyeliner! Reach new heights of “sharp” with a darker-than-ever, multi-proof carbon black liner that stays on all day and withstands oil and sweat. 


Shop The Heritage Pen Eyeliner on Shopee. 


The Heritage Shadow Palette (P649) 


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Get everything you need for an everyday look with a sophisticated, minimalist eyeshadow palette, which features three mattes and a single shimmer. Choose from Warm Camelia (rosy shades) and Amber Lotus (amber tones). 


Shop The Heritage Shadow Palette on Shopee. 


Merzy The Heritage Blusher (P599)


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Add warmth and a pop of color to your cheeks with The Heritage Blusher in Baby Neutral, Terra Cotta and Burnt Sienna. These silky, long-lasting blushers are pigmented, too! Don’t let the subtle colors fool you. 


Shop The Heritage Blusher on Shopee. 



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Thanks to Shopee, you can easily cop products from Merzy! Enjoy exclusive vouchers and redeemable gifts by joining Merzy’s Brand Membership Program. Celebrate your individuality, and collect points for every purchase! 


Simply sign up through this link or scan the QR code below and get 50 points as a welcome gift. 



Happy shopping, all! 



Photos Merzy

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver 

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