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A Mimiyuuuh Fashion Appreciation Post: Revisiting the Vlogger’s Wonder Cover Shoot

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“Mimiyuuuh in Wonderland” gave us plenty of room to play when it came to the styling (and play, we did)



It was in the way he held his own on the ABS-CBN Ball red carpet this year (to note: donning an elaborate Carl Jan Cruz number and nuno sa punso-inspired prosthetic ears). Months before that, we got a glimpse of it, too, during his participation at a camp-themed fashion editorial shoot, which involved riding in the back of a motorcycle at some point––with coiffed hair, massive ruffles, Lucite heels and all. Clearly, Mimiyuuuh knows a thing or two about serving looks.


It’s here that we’re reminded of a fun fact: that before becoming the fastest-rising YouTube content creator in the Philippines, Mimi had gotten his start in fashion. Yes, your designer-turned-LOcq4l j3j3 gHuÖrl is, first and foremost, a fashion girl. And we live for the moments where this is on full display.


October handed us another one of those moments. Over the moon about collaborating with someone just as stoked to play around, go a little nuts and think outside the box, we were obviously not going to waste the opportunity to gun for a more conceptual fashion and beauty story. It had to speak to celebrating eccentricities, still somehow allude to Halloween and marry experimental yet wearable-in-real-life looks all in one go. Then, came Mimiyuuuh in Wonderland.


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This October, Let Your Freak Flag Fly with @mimiyuuuh as he talks (and shows us) what makes him unusual, unique and uncommon. See him as Alice, a little innocent and a little vulnerable but still unafraid. The full #WonderxMimiyuuuh feature, "Mimiyuuuh: Whatcha See Is Whatchu Get," is up at the link in bio. 👽 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Photography @thewilmark Art and Art Direction @alexandra.lara001 Interview and Cover Story @adiepieraz Fashion Direction and Styling @nicoleblancoramos Beauty Direction @cessitrenas Makeup @janellcapuchino (@wieldcreatives) Hair @hairbymycke (@wieldcreatives) BTS Photography @elisabaquino Production Wonder ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #Mimiyuuuh is wearing @candice.arboleda, @f21philippines and @ac632 Shot on location at Chroma Studio ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #wondermagph

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It was daunting (not going to lie) to work with a theme as out-there as “Let Your Freak Flag Fly” and then inject a pop culture reference. Only because, for the former’s seemingly clear-cut premise, there isn’t an exact way to go about it, which means it could come through…or it could just get lost in translation. Thankfully, Mimiyuuuh was as invested in the vision, jumping right into playing dress-up and reimagining key characters from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland along with us and letting his freak flag fly on set.



The protagonist in this classic loved herself some ruffles––on top of layering, combining multiple shades of blue and mixing together formalwear, casualwear and streetwear, that is.


Laid out this way, of course, it appears like a lot going on for a single outfit. But as with any look (whether it’s a maximalist wardrobe situation or a less-is-more approach), it boils down to deciding on a focal point…and then committing to it. The main event in this case? Dramatic ruffled shoulders.



Mimi is wearing: ruffled crop top, CANDICE ARBOLEDA, white knit pullover, FOREVER 21, jumpsuit and corset, CARMINA ISABEL, earrings, AC+632, logo print sneakers, CHRISTIAN DIOR


The Mad Hatter

The occasion called for going ham on prints, which meant a clash of four separate pieces with four unique prints. (The pattern created by the fishnets was an added bonus.) One way to make sure you don’t get swallowed up by a print-on-print-on-print look is to still find a commonality that ties everything together. Think: checks with checks, colors from the same color family and prints that come in complementing art styles.



Mimi is wearing: a Hawaiian silk shirt, MARTINE ROSE, ruched cropped top, ZARA, checkered skirt, CLARISSE GOTICO, necklaces, AC+632, color-blocked ankle boots, CHARLES & KEITH, striped scarf necklace (as an embellishment on hat), FOREVER 21, headband and brooch (as an embellishment on hat), AC+632


The Red Queen

Tim Burton’s Red Queen gave us a free plant-an-in-your-face-reference card and we took it. While we did say experimental yet wearable-in-real-life earlier on, there was no way we were going to reimagine Helena Bonham Carter’s version of the Queen of Hearts without something outlandish (though the longer we look at the heart-shaped cape featured in this look, the more we’re convinced it can, in fact, be worn by someone casually heading out; casualwear is subjective anyway).


To balance things out, Mimiyuuuh kept it a little more conventional underneath: a removable neckpiece, a sheer polka dot blouse and an edgier take on the bubble skirt that has a pretty interesting story to tell on its own.


Mimi is wearing: Sheer polka dot top, ZARA, neckpiece, top and skirt, JOREM, broken heart vest, ENA CUI, patent leather boots, FOREVER 21



With Mimiyuuuh, what you see is what you get. You’ve seen the photos; have you checked out the cover story? Get to it here if you haven’t!



Photography Wilmark Jolindon

Art and Art Direction Alexandra Lara

Fashion Direction and Styling Nicole Blanco Ramos

Beauty Direction Cessi Treñas

Makeup Janell Capuchino

Hair Mycke Arcano

Location Chroma Studio

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