Hyuna and Dawn: The Most Fashionable Couple in K-Pop

Hyuna and Dawn: The Most Fashionable Couple in K-Pop

We recap Hyuna and Dawn’s iconic fashion moments



Last February 3, Hyuna and Dawn announced their engagement by dropping Instagram photos of their wedding rings with captions that answered the other. Safe to say that the world was over the moon for them. After all, their relationship had a rocky start. During their time as members of Triple H, the two gathered a lot of buzz and floated dating rumors, to which they confirmed their status without telling their company, Cube Entertainment. As a result, the label decided to terminate their contracts while the public was less than kind.


Despite all that, the two found a home and support in Psy’s (Gangnam Style) label, P Nation. The power couple soldiered on and came out on top. Since then, the two have continued to rock the K-pop industry with their solo careers, and left-and-right collaborations. Not to mention, they did all this in style, too. They’ve shot joint campaigns for Calvin Klein, Onitsuka Tiger and Coach, and released an EP in 2021. They played with color all the time, sported matching manes and got couple tatts. Nothing about this couple is conventional, especially where fashion is concerned.


Up ahead, we list down the times Hyuna and Dawn proved to be K-pop’s most fashionable couple.


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Kid core meets camp


We’re spotlighting their music video for Ping Pong, the title single off their joint EP, 1+1=1. Their history with Triple H leaves no room to doubt their on-screen chemistry, and while their days in a trio left little to the imagination, Hyuna and Dawn make a case for all things colorful here. For this music video, they went all out with elevating the zany Kid Core to a more mature perspective. Crocheted tops paired with hot pants or unbuttoned lace polos with denim jeans? Who knew a tartan bralette looked good when paired with a cloudy two-piece? Call it gaudy, flashy or loud, but they’re pros at playing eccentric to a tee.


Put a ring on it

Via @diligems, @hyuna_aa


Of course, another item on the list is their custom-made engagement rings. In an Instagram post, Diligems shares their journey with Dawn as they worked on the rings. According to the designer, they collaborated for a month just to get it right. The rings are custom-made, so they’re the only two in the world who have them. Varied gems litter along the side of the large and bright opal stone, all held together by a white gold band. The rings have the perfect balance of unique, chic and classy.


Safe to say, Dawn made sure to reflect their personalities and tastes in the rings. What’s a better way to seal the deal—amirite?


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Upgraded couples’ items

Via @hyojong_1994, @hyuna_aa


South Korean couples often show off their relationships with couples items. Think: matching sweaters, complementary rings and all that. But as expected of Hyuna and Dawn, they’re taking it to the next level—from sporting matching Marine Serre leotards to tattoos that say “Life ♥️” when put together. Their most recent couples’ item? Lip piercings. Dawn debuted an Ashley piercing on Instagram, which he has since confirmed, while everyone’s still waiting on Hyuna to say if her single snake bite’s real. Nonetheless—matching lip piercings? No one does it like them.


Color coordination is life

Via @hyuna_aa 


One of the cutest things about this couple is their conscious (or unconscious; we’ll never know) color coordination in regards to their outfits. Just check out their all-pink ensemble (with Hyuna adding a dash of more color) and all-white and all-blonde birthday celebration. Whether it’s the intuition from spending so much time together or another way to show off their relationship, we can’t help but enjoy the view.



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Did we miss any iconic fashion moments by Hyuna and Dawn? Sound off in the comments below!



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