Moving on from Clean Girl Aesthetic with ARTDECO

Moving on from Clean Girl Aesthetic with ARTDECO

ARTDECO is finally here to bring you Gatsby-inspired glamour



Trends aren’t one-size-fits-all, which is perhaps why they turn over so quickly. In a world where anyone has the agency to turn a trend’s tides, we either follow them or create them. And if you’ve ever found the Clean Girl Aesthetic—that barely-there, ultra-neat, youthful and effortless look—creatively stifling, then perhaps the German cosmetic brand ARTDECO is for you.


The leading international brand made its comeback to Philippine shores this June, kicking off with an interactive pop-up where guests could build ARTDECO’s famed Beauty Box, a customizable compact magnetic makeup palette.


Building my own personalized Beauty Box


The brand shares its name with the stylistic movement that exploded in the 1920s to 1930s. The era was a feast for the eyes. Art Deco was gaudy and garish, but a luxurious display of opulence and character.


The cosmetics line lives up to its namesake. They separate themselves in an industry aimed towards natural beauty and youthfulness by choosing to celebrate the elegance of maturity. Their eyeshadows feature deep tones such as chocolate brown, brick red, jade green and smoky black, separating them from a sea of second-skin makeup. Speaking of maturity, ARTDECO is reminiscent of ~grown-up~ makeup, the ones you would steal from your mother’s makeup kit as a child. Considering its quality and price point, ARTDECO is the perfect choice if you’ve grown out of the playful drugstore makeup and want to venture into luxury makeup without breaking the bank.


If you find yourself growing out of minimalistic, youthful makeup and want to exercise your creativity in color, check out our picks from ARTDECO’s fresh launch in the Philippines.


Beauty Box

Moving on from Clean Girl Aesthetic with ARTDECO

Quattro Beauty Box, P500; Duo Beauty Box, P356; Trio Beauty Box, P460; Magnum Beauty Box, P780


ARTDECO’s hero product is foremost their Beauty Boxes, magnetic palettes that are the foundation of their modular makeup system. The palettes come in four different sizes and can carry their blushes, eyeshadows, concealers and applicators to fit your needs. You can refill your staples without creating additional clutter or customize your palette for on-the-go, bulk-free touch-ups.


Mono Glam, Mono Pearly and Mono Matte Eyeshadows

Moving on from Clean Girl Aesthetic with ARTDECO

Mono Glam, Mono Pearly and Mono Matte, P293


Create Gatsby-approved makeup looks with ARTDECO’s selection of deep neutrals and rich jewel tones spanning three different finishes. Glam produces a fine glitter shimmer; Pearly has deep pigmentation; and Matte has an iridescent duochrome finish. These are part of ARTDECO’s customizable makeup system, and they attach to the Beauty Box through their magnet base.


My personal picks are the Mono Glam in Natural Skin 372, a subtle shimmer, Mono Pearly in Savannah 35, a muted maroon, and Mono Glam in Green Harmony 261, an emerald green.



Moving on from Clean Girl Aesthetic with ARTDECO

Blusher, P446


Also part of ARTDECO’s modular system is the Blusher, which comes in six shades. I consulted Miss Iya Gueco, who was participating in the event as a makeup artist, and chose the shade Oriental Red 35, which she recommended as a versatile shade for a wide variety of skin tones. She was right, and the shade fits me just right. The blush is pigmented and gives me a post-workout glowy look (despite me not working out for ages), and earned me compliments from my golden retriever boyfriend. (Why are your cheeks rosy? You look so pretty!) 


Magic Fix

Moving on from Clean Girl Aesthetic with ARTDECO

Magic Fix, P611


Think of Magic Fix as a topcoat for your lipstick. It’s a clear liquid formula that applies just like a regular nail polish would, thanks to its brush applicator. It’s weightless after application, and seals in your color to prevent smears and stains. Upon swatching their lipsticks during the event, only two colors (which were sealed with Magic Fix) out of many stayed until the end of the day, even after multiple hand washes, which can attest to their quality.


Color Booster Lip Balm

Moving on from Clean Girl Aesthetic with ARTDECO

Color Booster Lip Balm, P611


As a bridge to luxury makeup, ARTDECO has more affordable products that are up to par on quality while retaining their luxury appeal. Case in point is their Color Booster Lip Balm, which is similar to the famed Dior Addict Lip Glow, and retails for over P2,000. Like its counterpart, the Color Booster Lip Balm enhances your natural lip color with self-coloring pigments that react to your lip’s pH level.


No Color Setting Powder

Moving on from Clean Girl Aesthetic with ARTDECO

No Color Setting Powder, P1,517


As someone who’s had oily skin since high school, I’m no stranger to powders and other mattifying and oil-absorbing products. The No Color Setting Powder separates itself from the rest of my powder collection. You can see a bit of glitter in the compact, which leaves a shimmery mark upon swatching instead of a chalky finish. But don’t worry, fellow oily girls—it applies so light and sheer, while looking so natural (see: not too shiny but not flat at all) that people would think your skin produces a rational amount of oil just like the next person. (Spoiler: it does not.)


Perhaps it’s time for you to break out of the box and try something new, whether it’s reaching towards bolder style choices, embracing maturity and its elegance or trying out new categories of makeup products. Should that be the case, ARTDECO has something for you.


ARTDECO is available at The Landmark Makati, Lazada and Shopee. It will be available soon at Beauty Bar, other leading department stores and eCommerce sites.


Follow ARTDECO Philippines on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.




Words Gwyneth King

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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