Nature-Powered Essentials For Body And Hair Care

Nature-Powered Essentials For Body And Hair Care

Meet local brand Nanny Rose, a cruelty-free, natural and effective personal care line



We’re always on the lookout for what’s hot and new, and that couldn't be any more for beauty and wellness. But while fresh releases excite us, it’s the brands and products that take extra care of their consumers via clean, cruelty-free and natural offerings that take up space in our beauty counters


Nature-powered essentials, for instance, helps ease some worries related to skin sensitivities and impact to the environment prior to trying and testing the actual products. But of course we’ll still dab and smear to help you make an informed decision.


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This month, allow us to introduce you to a local personal care brand, Nanny Rose. Nature-powered and made with just the essentials, Nanny Rose marries high quality natural ingredients with clean formulations to create body and hair care products that deliver results. The brand is also 100% transparent with everything that goes into their personal care solutions. Ahead, we introduce you to their Gugo & Lawat Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo (best paired with Nanny Rose’s conditioner of the same name/ variant) and Honey Wax All-Natural Hair Remover.



Nature-Powered Essentials For Body And Hair Care Nanny Rose’s Gugo & Lawat Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo is made with natural ingredients and restorative plant-based actives that cleanses, nourishes and restores hair. Let the potent mix of Gugo, Lawat, Lagundi and Malunggay plant extracts revitalize treat those hair follicles. Meanwhile, plant oils such as Virgin Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil and Soya Bean Oil work together to nourish and lock in moisture and shine.



While we have no trouble embracing body hair, it’s just not for everyone. So if you’re looking to remove some, look for a natural hair remover that does the job and more.


Nanny Rose’s Honey Wax All-Natural Hair Remover is a do-it-yourself kit that removes hair down to the roots. Use hot or cold, it’s safe for those with sensitive skin and your delicate areas.

Nature-Powered Essentials For Body And Hair Care



You can count on us to keep you in the loop with brands that will not only excite you, but make you feel your best!


Curious to know more about Nanny Rose? Click or tap here to learn more.



Art Matthew Fetalver


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