Nina Ellaine Dizon on First Base, Colourette’s First Complexion Product

Nina Ellaine Dizon on First Base, Colourette’s First Complexion Product

Colourette takes their inclusivity claim to heart with a skin tint that’s available in 12 comprehensive, morena-friendly shades



Straight and direct to the point—First Base is homegrown brand Colourette’s first-ever complexion product. From their selection of multi-purpose creams to in-your-face liquid highlighters, their roster of bestselling products is growing. 


Colourette takes their inclusivity claim to heart with a groundbreaking skin tint that’s available in 12 comprehensive, morena-friendly shades. Gone are the days when you only had three shades to choose from—light, medium and deep—at your neighborhood drugstore and had to settle for a base product that’s two to three shades lighter than your skin tone. 


Certified dermatologically-tested and non-comedogenic, First Base is also formulated with broad spectrum SPF 30 and infused with hero ingredients like Azelaic Acid, Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid. Of course, we’re still using a separate sunscreen for extra sun protection in this sweltering heat! 


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Photographers Cenon at Mav spearhead the summer campaign for Colourette with models cherry-picked from the brand’s go-see


First Base has been in the works for two years and, for the Colourette team, has been the most challenging product to create. “Actually, for the longest time, our consumers have been bugging us for a complexion product, ‘Colourette, kelan (when)?' Back in 2020, I remember I made content that parang, ‘Guys, wait lang. I don’t wanna half-ass this product,’” Colourette’s founder Nina Dizon-Cabrera tells Wonder. She adds, “As a brand that really talks about inclusivity and diversity, I really feel like I owed it to our customers and our community that, when we came out with a complexion product, it’s something that we’re proud of in terms of the shade roster.


Nina takes pride in the fact that they released 12 shades from the get-go and that they considered what was lacking in the local beauty landscape; for one, complexion products for individuals with olive skin tones. She reveals, “Ang hirap pala gumawa ng (It’s hard to create) complexion product because of all the undertones. I was really forced to learn about the different undertones like olive ones, warm, neutral—may mga ganun pala (I didn’t know they existed). As a person who really loves makeup, I really had to go out of my way to buy all of these formulas and all of these shades from Western, Korean and other local brands to see ano ba talaga ang (what is the) difference.”



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The result of the arduous journey is a demi-matte formula—which is a hybrid between dewy and matte—that’s designed to stay on you. “While it’s just a skin tint, the formula is actually very sturdy. It’s meant to stand commuting, perspiration, humidity. Plus, it also doesn’t darken. That’s why the claim is #TrueColorFormula,” notes Nina.


She adds, “When I was studying all this product development process, that’s just not true because your skin is naturally acidic naman, eh. We’re not alkaline by nature so First Base stays the same color [throughout the day].” 


For all the morena girlies and everyone in-between, you are seen and heard. In case 12 shades isn’t enough, you’re in for a treat. Colourette is in the process of creating more shades and plans to release them later in the year. According to Nina, “I just wanna take our inclusivity claim to heart; I want to put our money where our mouth is.” 



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