Non-Committal Bleach ‘Dos As Done By K-Pop Idols

Non-Committal Bleach ‘Dos As Done By K-Pop Idols

You can still be a bad bitch, non-committal *wink*



Now that beauty and wellness services are operating again, many of us channel our pandemic stress by transforming whatever we can. I’m talking about getting inked, pierced and even switching up our overall looks—fully dyed manes included. Even if the perm took over as 2021’s unexpected beauty trend and the Spring runways brought back the wet look during fashion month, going blonde or dyeing our hair a new color seems like a natural progression after staying indoors for an extended period.


From our platinum blonde goals to the cotton candy locks of our dreams, bleached hairdos have always been the moment. After all, blonde hair is a statement. It’s an empty canvas that’s inviting us to change it into funky colors every other month, and is a more flexible playground for styling as far as dyeing is concerned. But there are still those who don’t want to go through the chair-warming and—admittedly—drying process of bleaching their locks. Plus, the additional maintenance that follows is enough to veer some of the curious ones away.


But as the industry that rocks different beauty and fashion trends, the world of K-pop offers a solution to those who want to play around with their hair. Yes, minus the total commitment to a total bleaching sesh. Jennie of BLACKPINK’s striking e-girl bangs from How You Like That sparked K-pop’s continuous experimentation with hair sections and dye. We’ve been seeing more stylists make statements by adding a splash of color to dark hair. These are enough to spice up their looks for a whole period of promotions while providing us some hair envy fuel.


Up ahead, we show the K-pop stars who got inventive with their dye jobs this year. Their manes give us inspo for non-committal bleach ‘dos so we can upgrade our looks and preserve most of our crowning glories–and just in time for holiday szn.


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Shocking bangs

Who says bangs should only be one color? Give your mane some ~flavor~ by dyeing a section of your fringe. Take notes from ITZY’s Yeji, who colored a portion of her top hairs a striking pink. It gives an edgy touch of color, meant to make you stand out from a crowd—whether you do it up in a braid or let it flow down freely. Meanwhile, LIGHTSUM’s Chowon lightened the front part of her bangs and some longer sections for a look that makes her distinct but not too in your face.



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Chunky highlights

The Y2K resurgence influenced our hairdos—chunky highlights included. So, bring back the 2000s with blonde streaks contrasting your naturally dark hair as seen on Tomorrow X Together’s Beomgyu. A little lowkey, but it’s a ‘do with lots of character and attitude. If you find yourself wanting to go the extra mile though, level up by taking thicker sections and coloring them a vibrant or pastel shade. Just take a look at Sumin of STAYC’s luxurious lilac locks: dainty and cool rolled into one. Plus, if you get tired of this hairdo, you can easily cover it up with box dyes at home.




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Hidden highlights

If you’re not too keen on the brave combos around the crown of your hair, perhaps hidden highlights might be a perfect fit. Color a portion of the bottom section of your hair and choose when to show off your unique locks. This style is best for those who are refined and playful. Like they say, “Business at the back, party in the front.” Our favorite examples are AESPA’s Winter and TRI.BE’s Mire, whose hidden highlights give off a striking contrast to their natural ‘dos.



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Half and half

If you’re looking for something extra adventurous while sparing ~some~ of your locks, try out the half-and-half colored hairstyles. Concentrate most of the color on the crown of your head, specifically the bangs and a few portions at the bottom. But instead of monochromatic shades, ITZY's Ryujin and her stylist gambled with contrasting colors of black and blonde for a standout ‘do. TBH, it’s giving us an updated version of Hayley Williams’ hair for Riot! circa 2009. 



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For maximum impact, why not split your hair neatly in half and dye the other part in a vibrant color? Take a look at PURPLE KISS’s Dosie and her full-on adventurous ‘do: a half blonde, half blue mane. The other part of her locks had quite a journey, from a deep royal blue to a lovely ash grey. Nonetheless, this is one look you can recreate while preserving half of your darker, natural locks.



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Now that the Holidays are near, these could be your next personal splurge or weekend project. Look good and feel great with a transformation tale. Enjoy!


Did we miss any other playful bleach hairdos from the realm of K-Pop? Let us know in the comments below!



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