The Most Wearable Looks from Manila Fashion Festival Spring 2019

The Most Wearable Looks from Manila Fashion Festival Spring 2019

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Inching its way closer to an exciting milestone, Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival wasted no time and pulled out all the stops early on. Its forward-looking ninth season served as a first crack at a new year, an antecedent to Art Personas’ celebration of five glorious years in the industry and the debut of its 10th instalment.


Not only did the spring 2019 showcase gather a whopping 41 designers for the four-day fete, but it presented what ultimately was a dynamic yet easygoing transition: from present to future, holiday to summertime, local to global. It largely did not speak to insanely radical ideas either. More attuned to the desires of a younger fashion audience, PMFF took its seasonal theme, encompassing shape, form and movement, to heart. For most designers, this meant fantastical but practical creations: shapes were real-world friendly, form married function and pieces denoted ease of movement. And it came as no surprise that the truly wearable ready-to-wear collections wound up being the season’s most exciting highlight.


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Ahead, a trip down memory lane and a second look at the spring 2019 collections at Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival. Now that the fashion fanfare is over, it’s time to zero in on the runway looks that make just as much sense in real life.




John Magsaysay


Jun Escario


KC Pusing


Kwak Hyun Joo


Renan Pacson


Reynier Abello


Wilbur Lang


As bold as the final looks here might be, it is evident that these designers know to bank on the ability of contemporary separates; they act somewhat like puzzle pieces that form the bigger, bolder picture. However, taken apart, each piece makes a sound fashion investment: versatile, easy on the eyes and even easier to incorporate into the wardrobe.


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Art Alexandra Lara

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