Penny Pairs: How This Husband-Wife Duo Created the Jewelry Brand Beloved by the Internet

Penny Pairs: How This Husband-Wife Duo Created the Jewelry Brand Beloved by the Internet

Here’s a holiday gift guide from the Penny Pairs team. FYI: Everything’s on sale!



When one thinks of jewelry, it can feel quite intimidating. You think about a signature blue box that’s become an icon of luxury or hand-me-downs from your lola that are reserved for special occasions. Penny Pairs, a brand beloved by the internet, wants you to change your relationship with jewelry.


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Husband-wife duo Camille and Theo created Penny Pairs to fill the void in the market. At one point, you could only purchase budget-friendly jewelry for every day wear from fast fashion brands. And they were of such poor quality that you'd only use the items a few times before they’d tarnish. Camille reveals, “Penny Pairs started from a personal experience—I had very sensitive ears and had a hard time finding jewelry that was both of good quality and affordable. I’d buy jewelry from fast fashion brands and instantly get itchy or have them tarnish after a few wears, and solid gold was way out of my budget.”


She adds, “I realized hypoallergenic affordable jewelry in cute designs was something missing from the market, especially online. I had just come from my fashion course in Paris and thought: Why don’t we fill that gap and make our own?”



Now celebrating four bejeweled years, Penny Pairs has gained a loyal following, even receiving global recognition from publications like Vogue. With their commitment to ethically-made products at fair prices that are handcrafted with premium materials, they make jewelry-wearing accessible for everyone.


We caught up with the co-founders during Penny Pairs Golden Hour, celebrating the brand’s anniversary with their biggest sale of the year (up to 40% off!). Read ahead to get to know their story.


Wonder: Theo, during “Penny Pairs Golden Hour,” you mentioned that gifting jewelry is traditionally something a man would do for a woman. But with Penny Pairs, your brand is empowering women to shop for themselves, thereby giving them that much-needed confidence boost. I found that so interesting!

Theo: Right; initially we thought our jewelry would be bought as gifts or bought to be used for special occasions. But we learned that our customers really buy our jewelry for their own daily wear. Jewelry is something that makes them (and us) feel good while doing everyday tasks like going to the grocery or grabbing coffee. They also always tell us how much they now love accessorizing after discovering the brand.


Wonder: Camille, what do you feel when you wear great jewelry that ties a look together—making you want to impart the same to other women? And just to add to the *kilig factor,* do you remember the first time Theo gifted you jewelry?

Camille: Great jewelry always adds an instant confidence boost to an outfit, whether you’re just at home or out and about. I feel like it’s also one of the first things that gets complimented, and when people say “Thanks, it’s Penny Pairs!” they can so easily share that confidence they feel with the next person.


The first time Theo gifted me jewelry, we were still in college, and he got me a Pandora bracelet from one of his trips abroad. It was both meaningful and cute!


Wonder: At the heart of Penny Pairs is your commitment to sustainability. I love that the brand pushes for conscious consumption (buy less; buy with a conscience). How does this inform your choices when creating products?

Camille and Theo: We always try to make products that have timeless designs–the kind of products that, when we look back on a few years from now, still look elegant and classic. We believe that sustainability starts with using what you already have, and we noticed that these kinds of designs are what people can wear on an everyday basis, so that’s why we try to focus on that instead of more trendy items.


Wonder: There's no doubt that Penny Pairs is now one of the most beloved jewelry brands on the internet. Did you guys ever think it would reach this magnitude?

Camille and Theo: Not at all—to us, it started out as a dream and a passion project. Over time, we noticed how much confidence our customers get from jewelry, and that’s why we try to get the brand out there more, so more and more women feel empowered to treat themselves (or others) to pieces that make them happy.


And now, here’s a foolproof gift guide from the Penny Pairs team:


The Trina Studs

Cam: The Trina Studs. It’s 40% off right now so you get a really good deal, and such a classic piece to wear alone or stack with! I’ve been wearing it for years.


Trina Gold Studs (P839 from P1,399)


The Venus Huggies

Theo: The Venus Huggies! They're the easiest gifts to give, they look good on anyone. Everyone I've given it to loves them.


Sab (Operations Director): The Valerie Huggies make me feel really stylish subtly, and I think they’re so easy to match with any outfit. I also feel like they complete any look and make me feel more put together.


Venus Gold Huggies (P1,124 from P1,499)


The Orchid Ear Climbers

Nicolette (PR Manager): The Orchid Ear Climbers! I wore them for hours during the event and they were so comfortable. I also loved how eye-catching they were, especially in photos! Perfect gift for one-piercing girls.


Orchid Gold Ear Climbers (P1,399 from P1,999)


Julia Huggies

Amanda (Copywriter): I love the shine and elegance of the Julia Huggies. They’re perfect for anyone who wants something they can wear to both casual and formal events!


Julia Gold Huggies (P1,759 from P2,199)


The Frances Bracelet

Jeline (Marketing Director): The Frances Bracelet. So subtle but elegant, I always reach for it because it goes with everything. Also still as shiny and golden as when I first got it even if I wear it all the time!


Frances Gold Bracelet (P1,919 from P2,399)


The Engravable Gold Coin Necklace

Chay (Customer Experience Manager): The Engravable Gold Coin Necklace. I like the idea of personalizing my gifts. And since it’s engraved, the receiver can use it every day.


Engravable Gold Necklace (P1,499 from P1,999)


The Selena Ring

Deedee (Marketing Executive): The Selena Ring sits beautifully on your finger. With its moonlight-like glow, you (and others) won’t be able to stop looking at it. Having the stone of new beginnings, this will make for a sweet and thoughtful gift for anyone dear to you.


Selena Moonstone Gold Ring (P1,724 from P2,299)


Zoe Gold Cuffs

Lian (PR Intern): Mine are the Zoe Gold Cuffs! They're dainty, elegant and are great for those who love stacking earrings but do not have a lot of piercings


Zoe Gold Cuffs (currently sold out; click “notify me when available” now!)


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Shop all these discounted products and more (plus get free shipping!) from Penny Pairs before it runs out! And don’t wait to order or you might just miss out on freebies like a complimentary jewelry case for orders P5,000 and up.



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