5 People Who Made Fashion Extra Exciting This Year

5 People Who Made Fashion Extra Exciting This Year

A look at the fashion folk who shook up the scene in 2018



Innumerable people get thrust into the fashion limelight year in and year out. With so many minds burning bright, so many eager to discover and collect and wear, there are countless windows of opportunity to make a dent in the industry. 2018 brought us controversy and collection upon collection of pieces we'll be dreaming about for a long time, but there were undoubtedly standouts—groundbreakers and move makers who made the fashion scene a little more electric than usual. Up ahead, we give you a run down of five people, both local and global, who set off blips in our radar in the last 12 months.


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Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross is not just an actress. No, she's a host, comedian, director and a downright style chameleon. Do you see this woman? This woman has taste and genuine style—not the “I just put on whatever I was told to” style. This woman can wear multicolored ostrich feathers one moment, a full-on leopard fit the next, and still look kickass in the sparkly silver jumpsuit she decides to wear afterwards. Perhaps most importantly, this woman wore 12 different looks to the American Music Awards—each one featuring a key piece by a black designer.


Kim Cam Jones


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Eight years ago I left Australia for this little archipelago. I quickly fell in love with the independent creative talent of the region; those often underserved and underappreciated. Launching @theforeseries, a platform for bringing independent talent to the fore through collaboration, with my team has demanded a monumental effort, going against the grain in order to share this talent with you and the rest of the world. It is with great pleasure that I announce the launch of our second series in collaboration with @bagasaostudios. I quickly developed respect for Seph, the eponym behind the brand for his rigor, sagacity and enthusiasm for his craft. See our highly configurable leather bags at!

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Kim Cam Jones may very well be our favorite influencer, mostly because she goes over and beyond your run-of-the-mill OOTDs and sponsored product posts. She's long been carving a different path, one that entails an even higher level of curation and creation. While her roots are planted in Manila, she speaks to a global audience and uses that leverage to push local talent to The Fore.


Tyler Mitchell


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Remember Beyoncé's Vogue covers? This is the man who shot them—at the tender age of 23, mind you. Not only that, he made history with that project, as the first black photographer to ever shoot a Vogue cover. How Vogue had gone so long without ever tapping a black photographer, we don't know. But what we do know is this: We'll be keeping our eyes on this one.


Johan Kyle Ong


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OJK Superstar Campaign is now out! ??? photographed by @paolocrodua and styled by @jedgregorio

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If you've done your fair share of Insta-exploring the past few months, chances are you've caught wind of Johan Kyle. Dubbed the youngest fashion designer in the Philippines, he set off ripples in the fashion scene not only because of his age, but his impressive clientele and clear vision for his brand, OJK.


Diet Prada


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As @dolcegabbana prepares to mount their next runway show in Shanghai this coming evening (7:30PM) and the rest of Instagram fawns over what’s sure to be an overly lavish “love letter” to China, we’ll be wondering if we’ll see chopsticks as hair ornaments, take-out boxes as purses, or even kimonos misappropriated as Chinese costume. Time will tell. For now, we’ll let y’all simmer on this DM between Stefano and Dieter @michaelatranova (chronology is reversed in slides). Word has it that they’re still in the process of model casting (over 200 Asian girls scheduled)…wouldn’t let them walk the show if we were their agents lol. Also, curious what the Chinese government will think of their country being called shit basically…especially considering how strict they are on who to allow to enter the country on work visas based on a thorough social media background checks. • #DGTheGreatShow #DGlovesChina #runway #fashionshow #cancelled #racism #dolceandgabbana #altamoda #rtw #dgmillennials #stefanogabbana #shanghai #chinese #china #wtf #dumb #lame #asianmodel #asian #dietprada

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Hey now, there's no point in denying it: We all love tea, especially when served piping hot with a side helping of receipts. This year, Diet Prada has delivered fashion industry tea like nobody's business, keeping us in the loop on the latest in plagiarized pieces, controversial campaigns––and oh, how could we forget, xenophobic fashion designers.


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Which fashion folk kept your year interesting?



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