So You Want to Get Piercings in 2019?

So You Want to Get Piercings in 2019?


December 27, 2018
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Ready to get on board the ear piercing express?



Piercings have the transformative ability to overhaul one’s style.


In late 2017, I got a helix piercing and followed it up with an inner conch and upper lobe a few months later—all on my left ear. Since then, although I’ve been dressing the same and am still lazy as ever with necklaces and rings, I’ve felt like my personal style has been revamped. It’s partially due to my ego, but I feel like I become ten times cooler when my hair is pulled back and my left ear is exposed and proudly bearing its four strategically placed piercings to the world.


If you’re ready to commit to the life of the pierced but aren’t quite sure where to start, let us do the honors of helping you get started. Up ahead, we’ve identified some of the coolest, most attractive-looking ear piercing trends. Go on, scroll away. 


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If you’ve got wide lobe space…

Consider piling up piercings along the side of your ear. But don’t stop at your run-of-the-mill lobe piercings—stack them in pairs or cluster them in threes!

Image via Body Electric Tattoo

Image via Alyssa Coscarelli


If you’ve got a defined helix…

Embellish the flat plane of the forward helix or opt for hoops and geometric earrings to frame the top of the ear.

Image via Body Electric Tattoo

Image via Jessica Yang


If you’re working with a lot of flat ground…

Then a flat piercing (or three) might be your match. Beyond decorating the area between the helix and antihelix, piercings like these are ideal for the types who forget to put their earrings on before leaving home or take them off before bed.

Image via Maria Tash

Image via Maria Tash


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With 2019 peeking over the horizon, now’s as good a time as any to shake up your style. Why not do so with fresh ear piercings? A word of advice: It gets addicting real fast—so don’t say we didn’t warn you.



Art Alexandra Lara


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