Wake Up With Beautiful, Glowing Skin With This No-Fuss Beauty Product

Wake Up With Beautiful, Glowing Skin With This No-Fuss Beauty Product

Pili Ani’s Self-Care Night Recovery Oil is holy grail stuff



Who doesn’t love a good end-of-day or end-of-the-week treat? I know I do. But I also know myself well enough to only commit to a treat that’s luxurious (by my own standards) but easy to maintain, especially if I’m doing it myself. The same is true for skincare. While I consider myself lucky to be able to try what’s hot and fresh in beauty, my routine is pretty low-effort. Once or twice a month, the steps go up a notch or three so I can exfoliate, focus on areas that need extra attention, i.e., my brows, eyes, lips, and double down on skin hydration and nourishment.


But as a low-effort beauty girl, I love a product that works hard to stimulate skin and hydrate it while I sleep so I can wake up looking rested (even when I've had to pull an all-nighter). 


World, meet Pili Ani’s Self-Care Night Recovery Oil (P3,200). Still made with the same commitment to keep it clean, green and local, Pili Oil and Elemi Oil remain mainstays in this hope in a bottle. It’s specially formulated to boost hydration and protection when the skin needs it most—at night. Pili Oil, which is rich in natural antioxidants and vitamin E, deeply moisturizes, while Elemi Oil, with its anti-inflammatory and firming properties, helps restore skin, as well as keeps acne and dryness or oiliness in check. Other notable ingredients that rejuvenate skin are Squalane, Arnica Montana Flower extract, Evening Primrose, Calendula, English Lavender, Sampaguita, Rosemary Leaf Oil, and Blue Chamomile. Combined, they all work together to soothe, moisturize and address other common skin woes, such as redness and irritation, and fine lines. 


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The Pili Ani Self-Care Night Recovery Oil Experience

Specific to my skin issues, I wake up with dry and taut skin likely caused by the cold air from the A/C blowing directly on my face. I also get red spots throughout the day, which may or may not be stress-related, and get breakouts depending on the time of the month. So I switched my usual multi-tasking serum with Pili Ani’s Night Recovery Oil to see if it can do wonders for my skin.


Now at the top shelf of my beauty counter, I take 1 to 2 drops of the stuff, rub it between my palms and pat it on my clean face after a long, hard day. I love that with Pili Ani products, a little goes a long way so any excess, I pat on my ears (yes, because they need hydration, too, okay?), décolletage and shoulders. The oil takes a while to set so I use Pili Ani’s mini beauty roller for better absorption and to get a good facial massage! 


The morning after first use, my skin was smooth and supple to the touch. I looked refreshed (with some eye baggage but I had no expectations that this would be addressed anyway) and dare I say it, with a bit of glow that says, “I had a really good sleep, thanks for asking.” I’ve been using the Night Recovery Oil for a little over two weeks now and quenching my parched skin aside, it’s helped lessen the redness and has kept breakouts to a minimum. Literally, I’ve had one breakout on my forehead, near the hairline between day one and seventeen.


While I’m all for trying new things and switching things up from time to time, I tend to stick to fuss-free beauty products that work. And for me, Pili Ani’s Self-Care Night Recovery Oil doesn’t just work, it’s holy grail stuff.


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Pili Ani is a proudly local brand built for the community. With every purchase of the Pili Ani Self-Care Recovery Oil and its other products, a portion of the proceeds goes to uplifting and building the local farmer communities. Shop it right here.


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