The Power of Red Lipstick feat. Rouge Power by YOU Beauty

The Power of Red Lipstick feat. Rouge Power by YOU Beauty

Rouge Power by YOU Beauty is here to give you a confidence boost



There are many things we can learn from history, and one of them is the power of red lipstick. It was in the early 20th century when women peacefully fought for their right to vote. And since people barely listened to women then, they brought attention to the women’s suffragette movement by wearing red lipstick. During a conservative period, it was one hell of a scandal! But with every swipe of red, women remained defiant and grew even more confident in their causes against social stratifications. 


While a lot has changed since the early 20th century (thank god), the power of red lipstick stays the same. Walking around with it on allows one to make a statement before even speaking a word. To achieve that extra boost of confidence, it matters to find the best red for you. 


Thankfully, that’s become easier because YOU Beauty recently launched the Rouge Power Matte Lip Cream in the Philippines—just in time for International Women’s Month!



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If you want a hydrating swipe of confidence that lasts up to 18 hours, the Rouge Power Matte Lip Cream is the right choice for you. Thanks to its color-lock technology, it’s fast-drying, non-sticky and long-lasting. This transfer-proof liquid lipstick is also infused with skincare ingredients like manuka honey and meadowfoam seed oil to retain a soothing and moisturizing feel! With a balance of cool and warm tones, it won’t be hard to find the right shade for you.



There are two things women will always carry: passion and lipstick. Through the Rouge Power Matte Lip Cream collection, YOU Beauty gives us both! Passion is a classic rose red shade that’s surely a must-have.




Allure is your best bet if you’re leaning toward cooler tones. One of the things we love about cool-toned lippies is they counteract yellow tones, making your pearly whites look even whiter.




Like the previous shade, Alert falls under the maroon spectrum. Their defining difference is this was made for the warm-toned girls!




A shade of pink that embodies femininity and youthfulness. We’re pretty sure kindness is a good choice—literally and figuratively!




Whispers will flood the room as soon as you walk in wearing this! This cool shade with hints of pinks and browns is an interesting and flattering choice.




We can’t stop thinking about how good this would look on Filipina beauties! There’s no doubt that this peachy brown shade will inspire you to embrace your natural color (and make it part of your holy grails).




This warm terracotta will make you feel as sophisticated and sultry as ever. You’ll definitely be reaching for Dashing on the evenings you want to doll up and go out.



Unlike what we’re usually told, wearing lipstick (or make-up in general) is not just for vanity’s sake. In fact, it’s quite the opposite; the history of the red lip revolves around a call for equality. Beauty has always been a display of power and, just like the past, showing it off does not always have to be grand. Sometimes, this simply means showing up with your favorite lipstick on. 


The Rouge Power Matte Lip Cream collection is available in Shopee, Lazada and on TikTok Shop. You can also visit select Watsons, SM Beauty, Robinsons Department Store, The Landmark and more to see them in-store.


See more of YOU Beauty by checking out their Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.



Photos YOU Beauty

Words Kyla Villena

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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