Non-Boring but Safe For Work Styles for Men

Non-Boring but Safe-For-Work Styles (Men’s Edition)


August 6, 2018
Read Time: 2 minutes

Editor and Stylefestph mentor Sarah Santiago talks fun but realistic workwear trends for the gents



Workwear doesn’t exactly conjure up a desire to dress to the nines. Dressing for the office has to be practical anyway; think: wash-and-wear, a little more about the classics and a little less focused on trends. Even so, there’s a reason to give workwear styling a bit more consideration: Everyone’s out to put their best foot forward at work and look the part; how can dressing the part ever be excluded from the equation?


In the two-part styling series on zhuzhing the workwear wardrobe, Wonder editor and Stylefestph mentor Sarah Santiago talks fun but realistic ways to dress the part at the office. “It’s a place where you close business deals, where you have to sell [ideas for] campaigns to your boss, where you can have chance encounters with the CEO of your company,” she says. “You might as well look good for these moments.”


While trends are a perfect jumping-off point for style guides such as this, the main motivation here is pretty practical: how you present yourself to the (working) world will either bode well for you or work against you one way or another. “It’s important to look polished, to look clean, to look put together,” adds Santiago. “It leaves a good and lasting impression on the people that you work with.”


Last month, Wonder invited video producer Bea Bermundo for the womenswear leg of the style story. Up next, it’s graphic designer Penny Cena repping menswear.


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Sarah’s Style Notes: “There are many ways to play up a simple jacket: experiment with length by way of wearing a long shirt underneath a jacket, pair together unexpected colors or opt for complementary accessories in softer fabrics and cool neutral shades.”



Sarah’s Style Notes: “Pair tonal neutrals in similar or contrasting fabrics for effect.”


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Sarah’s Style Notes: “Pair finer prints with larger-than-life ones for balance like pinstripes with a graphic shirt or something with a camouflage pattern. You can temper big bold prints with solid neutrals, too.”


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Art Alexandra Lara.

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