Key Style and Beauty Notes From Our Cover Shoot With SB19

Key Style and Beauty Notes From Our Cover Shoot With SB19

The trailblazing boy group flexes some serious gender-bending muscle



How to deal when the country’s fastest-rising boy group comes up next on the cover? Step one: throw away the rule book. With SB19, pioneers of P-Pop and all-around forward-thinking guys, this decision isn’t brash but fitting. Given that Josh Santos, Stell Ajero, John Paulo “Sejun” Bagnas Nase, Ken Suson and Justin De Dios represent the meeting of many influences, they’ve earned the right to make rules of their own. And we’re more than happy to march in this direction.


Ahead, we list down the new rules of boundary-pushing style and boy beauty as illustrated by the boys of SB19.


To All the Pretty Boys I’ve Loved Before

The February cover is a massive exercise in pushing boundaries. (The looks aren’t for the faint of heart, but hey, that’s the idea.)


Wonder February 2020 Cover Shoot – SB19 Fashion Direction –
Wonder’s February 2020 cover shoot in its planning stage: a look at the fashion direction thought up for SB19.


Exhibits A, B, and C: Josh donning a lavender corset, Sejun clad in a sheer but subtle top and Ken sitting pretty in a tulle ball gown skirt. Closer inspection shows womenswear making a cameo here and there, too, via a delicate sleeveless top with subtle draping details, a cropped top layered over a pinstriped workwear-ready polo and a printed silk blouse. As it turns out, the fun in dressing up lies in not giving a damn about which store section to shop. And the adage “it’s not what you wear; it’s how you wear it” will forever ring true.


With that, here are baby steps to gender-bending style for your consideration: start by incorporating softer shades (pastels are an easy go-to) into your wardrobe. A lilac pullover, a pair of chinos in ecru, a baby pink button-down; you are welcome to stick to whatever silhouette you are used to, but exploring options in colorways that are deemed effeminate is encouraged. Because effeminacy is more than A-Okay and the traditional perception of masculinity is out. Take it from Harry Styles and Ezra Miller, who are more than happy to shop the women’s section.


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Before Adding a Touch of Color…

If there is one rule worth keeping in mind, now that we’re actively ignoring the status quo, it’s to think personalized or custom-fit. Even when it comes to beauty looks, we know that a makeup look may suit one person but in no way guarantees that the exact same coloring, shading, technique and product will work on the next. We can only assume this is the reason “make it your own” remains to be the main party line in fashion and beauty.


Wonder February 2020 Cover Shoot – SB19 Beauty Direction –

The beauty reference: what went on before changing up the boys’ eye makeup to include pastels, bright smears, and lines.


For starters, SB19’s cover shoot beauty lays down the necessary foundations: skin tone-flattering bases, a groomed brow that stays true to the natural eyebrow shape and a lit-from-within glow. (It’s the no-makeup makeup look for the fellas, if you will.) Then, comes the fun stuff: completing the beauty equation by taking into account the boys’ skin undertones, their eye and face shape and the outfits at the shoot. A graphic eyeliner on Justin and Josh, a sweep of pigmented pastels right on the eyelid for Stell, Ken and Sejun: on-trend beauty looks are tailored to fit each member of the group.



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This month, Love Is The Word on Wonder; and, for SB19, it’s a chance to give some of the love back to their fans. Click on to read the full cover story where the boys discuss influence, inspiration and the sweet spot in between the two.



Photography Ed Enclona

Art and Art Direction Alexandra Lara

Fashion Direction and Styling Nicole Blanco Ramos assisted by Matthew Fetalver

Beauty Direction Cessi Treñas

Makeup Ida Siasoco (Justin, Josh and Stell) and Dorothy Mamalio (Sejun and Ken)

Hair Ricky Diokno (Justin and Stell) and Tjhay Factor Ordoñez (Josh, Ken and Sejun)

Production Wonder

Location Chroma Studio

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