March Is About Seaweed Shampoo, Skin Fasting & Hydrating Lip Exfoliation

Wonder Beauty Counter: March Is About Seaweed Shampoo, Skin Fasting and Hydrating Lip Exfoliation


March 10, 2019
Read Time: 3 minutes

Medicine cabinet replenished with some (actually good) new stuff



In the beauty world, flashy new products come around so often; anyone who’s done their fair share of test-driving knows that things are best approached with a little reservation. Some that show promise at first may end up falling short of the hype, for example. On the flipside, there are those downplayed beauty finds that deliver amazing results.


As tempting as the idea of scoring a total beauty upgrade is, there’s really no saying that the slather will 100% be worth the spend. Besides, loyalty to a routine that already works has its merits…and implies that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


Alas, sometimes, it does pay to make a little room on that beauty counter. Especially when it means bagging a truly worthwhile new addition. It’s only mid-March, but on this, the verdict is in. We’ve actually met a two-in-one conditioning cream that made us, skeptics of multi-tasking personal care products, praise something from the category. Then there’s the elaborate three-pack sheet mask combo we’re certain is the closest we’ve ever gotten to well-rested skin in a flash.


What else has earned a spot on our beauty counter this month? Scroll through to find out.


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A Lightweight Cleansing Wonder
New favorite shampoo alert! And it’s made of seaweed. Who knew?


BUMBLE AND BUMBLE Seaweed Shampoo, P1,250



Your Skin’s Previous Life: Let It Go
A peeling pad set that aids in skin turnover without that aggressive my-face-is-under-attack feeling


SKYN ICELAND Nordic Skin Peel, P2,645


1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, DRINK!
A tall glass of water for the skin, that is. Meet the skin care trifecta

PATCHOLOGY FlashMasque Trio, P1,295


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Skin Fasting Made Bearable
With a little help from this purifying micellar water. Fine, we aren’t going completely product-free, but we’re certainly satisfied with the deep-clean from this single step)

EVOLUDERM Micellar Cleansing Water for Combination to Oily Skin, P325


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My Lips But Better
The post-scrub suppleness is real. And post-exfoliation, lip makeup finally done justice.

BURT’S BEES Conditioning Lip Scrub,


Conditioning Made Simpler and Better––Way Better
Proof that less is more. Here’s a single product for both hair and body that softens, moisturizes and leaves everything silky to the touch

PAWPAW Hair & Body Conditioner, P995


Your dose of beauty Rx this month is in the bag!


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Art Alexandra Lara

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