Achieve Feathered, Laminated Brows with Skinned Beauty

Achieve Feathered, Laminated Brows with Skinned Beauty

Get to know Skinned Beauty’s TikTok-approved releases



From the height of the plakado Instagram brows to the resurgence of the 90s model skinny brows, we’ve seen how beauty trends come and go. This time, laminated brows are all the rage—as seen on celebrities like Zendaya and Dua Lipa—a pain-free, budget-friendly alternative to microblading. 


Homegrown newcomer Skinned Beauty is taking notes and providing beauty enthusiasts out of this world products to help them achieve the feathered and laminated brows of their dreams—without breaking the bank! Get to know the brand’s TikTok-approved releases: the Beauty Brow Pen and Beauty Brow Glue



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In an exclusive interview with the creative team behind Skinned Beauty, they share their passion for “effective beauty essentials,” and reveal that  “We want to create products that would sit beside your daily beauty essentials and remind you of confidence, euphoria and self-love.”


The brainchild of two college best friends, Skinned Beauty aims “to empower people by making them feel good about themselves when they look in the mirror.”



The local beauty landscape has vastly improved in the past few years, with brands becoming more inclusive, championing the needs of this generation’s consumers. Skinned Beauty wants their products to be accessible, high-performing and universally flattering. 


Achieve Feathered, Laminated Brows with Skinned Beauty

Beauty Brow Glue (P545)

Achieve Feathered, Laminated Brows with Skinned Beauty

Beauty Brow Pen (P429)



Get laminated brows that look oh so natural with the brand’s Beauty Brow Glue and Beauty Brow Pen, both available on Shopee and Lazada. Upgrade your brow game further with the Brow Duo Collection (P955), available in Deep Brown, Grey Brown and Soft Black. 


Shape and fill in the sparse areas of your brows with the Beauty Brow Pen, and create natural, hair-like strokes that give you perfectly defined yet natural eyebrows. It’s beginner-friendly and easy-to-apply. Plus, it’s smudge-proof and waterproof! 


Finish off your brow routine with the gamechanging Beauty Brow Glue, formulated to lift, tame and sculpt your brows to give that laminated effect that lasts all day. You won’t have to worry as this leaves zero white cast! With a double-ended brush, it allows you to shape your brows to your liking. 



On their very first releases, the Skinned Beauty team shares, “We wanted [our products] to be effective, [have a] matte finish, not [be] too sticky and not [be] too stiff. The process of perfecting and sampling the brow formulas took us more than a year to do.



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While Skinned Beauty is still hush-hush on their next releases for the rest of the year, we already know that they’re going to be stellar! Cop your own Brow Duo for your best brows yet. 



Shop Skinned Beauty on Shopee and Lazada. Stay updated by following them on Instagram.



Photos Skinned Beauty
Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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