SKINNI Swim: Sky’s The Limit This Summer 2019

SKINNI Swim: Sky’s The Limit This Summer 2019

The SKINNI Swim summer 2019 collection is here with a few added perks!



Summer, to me, has always been about the heat and the occasional road trip out of the city—whether that meant to the beach or somewhere a little higher and cooler. And since everyone’s been talking about how this is the hottest summer yet—well, let’s just say I’m itching to find higher ground or to take comfort in the shade of a coconut tree.


But before I get ahead of myself, let’s face one important fact: I’m not equipped with essential beachwear pieces. So hello, SKINNI Swim.


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SKINNI’s latest collection plays with colors in patterns that are bright yet breathable, in cuts that are unique and remain—as always—flattering for any body type.



Then again, there are girls like me that don’t do well with color and only dress in such when required. So thank the heavens that SKINNI has released the silhouettes in black, too. A little more classic, a little less conspicuous but still very much appropriate for the summer.


SKINNI Swim: Sky’s The Limit This Summer 2019


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But while I can get behind these styles any day of the year, what’s kept me admiring SKINNI all these seasons is the message that it sends. This time: Sky’s the limit.


While it’s definitely not the truth, women are often portrayed as one-sided; they are told that they can only be one thing. You are either athletic or you are feminine, either corporate or a creative. You can be nurturing or you can be cutthroat, either a mother or an executive. There’s no room for this type of thinking anymore, is there? We’re living beyond these predetermined boxes.



So for your summer 2019 staples, head over to SKINNI. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about being part of a movement.



SKINNI Swim has found a new home on BeautyMNL, making it that much easier for you to shop for your summer and beauty staples. But if you prefer the on-ground boutiques or mother site, then of course there’s still that option. In fact, you’ll even get a little The Body Shop gift set if you do.


And if you’ve ever thought yourself an honorary member of the SKINNI tribe, it might just be time to make it a reality. The swimwear brand has partnered with EB Advance and all you need to do is: 1) Follow @EBAdvance and @SKINNISwim on Instagram, 2) Post a full face and body phot with the new EB (make the post public, ladies!) and 3) Mention why you believe you’re a powerful do-all woman in your caption, which should also have #EBAdvancexSkinniSwim and #EBAdvance. Six winners will be announced on May 1 and will be part of a special summer campaign shoot.



Art Alexandra Lara


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