SoFA Grad Show 2019 is Here

SoFA Grad Show 2019 is Here

A peek into the future of Philippine fashion



“Talent is nice but not necessary,” once wrote Vogue contributing editor Molly Guy. True, because without humility and hard work, you will never be able to realize your true potential. But also false, because you still need the basic skills necessary to work with and develop, especially if we’re talking about pursuing a career in a creative industry.


Individuals need a venue to learn and nurture one’s natural abilities, as well as discover how each person’s efforts can ultimately contribute to society. And that is exactly what the School of Fashion and Design Institute offers its students: education and the support necessary to thrive. SoFA’s method of learning is inspirational yet practical, theoretical but with opportunities for real-life application and most importantly, focused on the individual and his or her untainted vision of design. It's no surprise that the institute has spawned notable names in fashion, like Abi Mercado, Chaley Tiu of Cesa and Steph Verano.


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On August 7, 2019, SoFA will proudly showcase the culminating hard work of their graduating fashion design students. Boys and girls, dudes and babes, here’s a peek at the future of Philippine fashion:




SoFA delivers a rigorous, design-focused educational experience that promotes creativity, technical proficiency and business acumen to develop visionaries who will ultimately shape the world of design. Interested to learn? Click here. For further updates, like SoFA Design Institute on Facebook or follow them on Instagram.



Art Alexandra Lara 


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