Repair Your Skin With SOME BY MI

Repair Your Skin With SOME BY MI

SOME BY MI's Beta-Panthenol was made to improve skin immunity!



With summer coming, everyone’s already making vacation plans. Beach trips, road trips, sightseeing—all good and well, but only if you’re protected. That means loading up on the new offers from SOME BY MI!


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SOME BY MI’s Beta-Panthenol line was made to help strengthen skin immunity. And with the sun bearing down and the humidity soon to get at an all-time high, it’s important to make sure our skin gets the least damage possible. 


With four products in its roster—a cream, a toner, a serum and a gel cleanser—SOME BY MI has your new skin routine down.


Beta-Panthenol Repair Cream (P730)


This repair cream from SOME BY MI is formulated with high DPanthenol content, which helps reduce inflammation compared to other panthenol ingredients. Application is easy, too, because it melts into skin to form a thin but effective moisture barrier and won’t leave you feeling sticky. 


Shop the repair cream here


Beta-Panthenol Repair Toner (P600)


Meanwhile, the Beta-Panthenol Repair toner helps keep skin plump and hydrated. Preventing moisture loss in order to enhance one’s natural complexion, it was designed with all skin types in mind, whether oily, dry or combination. 


Shop the repair toner here


Beta-Panthenol Repair Serum (P650)


Containing Beta-glucan, a mushroom extract that acts as a natural moisturizing ingredient, and Multiceramides that strengthen skin immunity, this repair serum from SOME BY MI helps maintain a healthy state of regenerated skin. And because it penetrates deep into the skin’s layers, it’s quick and effective. 


Shop the repair serum here


Beta-Panthenol Repair Gel Cleanser (P600)


Last in the lineup is the Beta-Panthenol Repair Gel Cleanser, which has a hypoallergenic formula that contains 17 types of amino acids and PHA. Because of this, the cleanser gently melts dirt on skin while still keeping it moisturized—no tightness or irritation here!


Shop the repair gel cleanser here


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With summer knocking on our doors, it’s time to get some sun, safely. The great news is that, with SOME BY MI, it’s easy breezy. 



Shop SOME BY MI on Shopee. 



Art Alexandra Lara

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