Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag in 6 Easy Steps

Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag in 6 Easy Steps

Out with the old but keep the essentials



Just in case you weren’t able to edit your vanity kit at the start of the year or have managed to acquire more stuff instead (because a new tube of lipstick makes everything better), now is a good time to do some spring cleaning—especially now that it’s starting to get hotter and more humid (srsly, read: heat and sunlight have a real, chemical effect on your beauty products). Worry not, we’re here to help you go through your bag and edit ruthlessly.


So, first things first.

1 Check the expiration date, which you’ll often find in the packaging or on the product itself. Mascaras (like your toothbrush) should be discarded every 3 to 6 months while foundation, lipstick and concealer have a 6 to 12 month expiration once opened. Barely used the beauty product? Check for consistency and smell, and if it feels or smells funky, toss it.


2 Treat your vanity and makeup bag differently. Store all the makeup you love on your vanity but keep daily essentials in your makeup bag. Don’t bring that rainbow eye palette or 90s brown lipstick if you only really use it on weekends.


3 Invest in multi-tasking beauty products because they’re practical and will trim the unnecessary fat from your beauty kit. We’re talking handy palettes that have eye shadow, lip gloss and blush, brow pencils that come with a spoolie and or brow
powder, blush compact with bronzer and highlighter, etc.


4 Clean your makeup and brushes. Use wet wipes to take out stains and powder residue on compacts and its mirrors, and tissue off to dry. For brushes, you can opt to buy a makeup brush cleaner or DIY. Professionals suggest cleaning brushes with warm soap and water, and letting them air dry standing up. For synthetic brushes, use hand sanitizer to disinfect.


5 Air out your beauty kit and turn it inside out to get rid of dirt. If it’s made of washable fabric, then by all means, wash and dry naturally or with a blow dryer.


6 Make room for necessities, like oil blotting sheets instead of loose powder, cleansing facial wipes, petroleum jelly to treat dryness and mild skin irritation, and pocket-sized hand sanitizer.


It’s time to outgrow the sayang mentality. Imagine how much more damage using expired beauty products can do to your skin.



Art Alexandra Lara

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