The 5 Starter Pieces in the Everyday Jewelry Category on

The 5 Starter Pieces in the Everyday Jewelry Category


February 17, 2021
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Another look at the basics



I’ve done my fair share of shopping fast-fashion jewelry, which is exactly as it sounds. Much like the clothes a few feet away from that deceptive candy shop display of accessories, too-cheap jewelry is made to be worn a while then ultimately tossed. If not, there are still no major attachments. No grief over inevitable tarnishing, acrylic rhinestones peeling off earrings, skin turning green underneath cute cocktail rings. In other words, you get what you give. Especially when it comes to jewelry that costs just a little more than a venti-sized coffee.


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The ensuing realization is that instead of a random accumulation of just-okay and just-for-now things, it’s better to shop for keeps. For everyday jewelry, this certainly is the case. So in the name of buying less but better (if you’ve been around here before, you know we rally hard for this), we’re nominating five starter pieces you can add to your wardrobe.



Stud Earrings

On the topic of foundational pieces, a classic stud earring, knowing all the styles, plating and finishes that it comes in, is an obvious investment.

RAM Jewelry Dany Stud Earrings, ?1,600

Suki Jewelry Diamond Triad Studs ?12,400


Hoop Earrings

Wear them plain, add a charm or stack them: hoop earrings may seem as basic as they come, but there are so many ways to accessorize with just this one kind of jewelry. For those with multiple piercings, for example, there are “huggies” for your consideration.

Akú Jewelry Mix and Match Basic Hoops, ?1,350

Penny Pairs Venus Gold Hoops, ?1,699 and Huggies, ?1,299


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A Pendant Necklace

The idea is to look into a low-maintenance piece of jewelry that can instantly elevate a look with little to no effort. The classic chain necklace with a pendant does that while also giving you room to play: Add a second pendant or charm. Layer over another necklace or two.

MAZEE Droplet Necklace, price available upon restock

Omii Laika Necklace ?1,680


A Signet Ring

Gentleman ring, schmentleman ring. The signet looks good on just about everyone, which means rules are out the window. A signet ring is subtle enough but still makes a statement, so you have the option to wear it alone or along with other rings (perhaps with thinner bands for balance).

Dandy Ona Miranda Ring (silver dipped in gold), ?6,550

Modern Myth Mini Oval Signet Ring, Solid 14k Gold, ?12,600


Something Extra: Statement Earrings

For casual events, special occasions or even regular days you feel call for something extra, it’s good to include a pair of statement earrings in your roster. Ideally, if you’re going to give this a go, start with a pair plated in gold or silver before looking into colors, textures or more unconventional styles.

The Library Vintage Gold-Tone Abstract Earrings, price available upon request

Namì Porto Hoop, ?14,990



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These are all local finds, too, which brings us to this question: Any local jewelry brands you think we should check out next? Let us know in the comments.



Featured images NAMÌ, Modern Myth and MAZEE

Art Alexandra Lara

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