Stay-At-Home and Work-From-Home Outfits to Get You Through the Week


April 15, 2020
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This week in cultural resets: Anna Wintour is seen in the item of clothing she said she wouldn’t ever wear, sweatpants. A strange sight to behold but these are strange times. Just take a look at what’s happening at Vogue, where Wintour is at the helm, and see firsthand the COVID-19 kickback. (And no, it isn’t that it has compelled the most influential woman in fashion to wear sweatpants.)


Vogue has launched its first-ever Zoom series #vogueglobalconversations, created to get an honest and open discussion going about what fashion is enduring now and where it is going next. In separate news, the editor-in-chief herself and other notable figures at Condé Nast have announced that they will be taking pay cuts as their side of the publishing world bears the brunt of the global pandemic.



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Sweats? At home? At a time like this? Should be the least of anyone’s worries, really. A quick read of the room tells us that sweatpants aren’t a sign of defeat (begging the pardon of the late Karl Lagerfeld here). In the middle of a health crisis, it’s at most a sign of making do.


Evidently, fashion has a way of reflecting how people cope with current events. In the case of a lockdown, comfort is key. A break from outside clothes is sound, too––even if it means musings that include, “Damn, I miss shoes” with oddly sentimental follow-ups like, “But do my shoes miss me?” (Bear with me; it’s day 20-something of the quarantine.)


These are strange times indeed. And our individual “quarantine personas,” sweatpants or no sweatpants, could get just as strange. In a previous piece, I talked about how erring on the side of comfort took a weird turn and revealed to me that full-blown pambahay while working from home was actually counterproductive (for me, at least). So there’s that other side of the coin.


Some of us are clearly still figuring out what business-as-usual even means now, what the WFH rules of self-maintenance are and what appropriate work-from-home-wear looks like. But case after case has been made in favor of comfort (and coping!!!) that still looks pretty darn good. So should you be starved for inspiration––or maybe a much-needed, shameless distraction––to cut through the mundane predictability of life in lockdown, here’s a helping of stay-at-home and work-from-home outfits to get you through.


Alice Wang

It would be impossible to tackle work-from-home fits without pajama dressing, no?


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Fran Tirado

Donning cute headwear and going nowhere is the new normal. Socks are also the new shoes.


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Lucia Cuesta

A good time to test-drive summer fits and revisit the wonders of knit coordinated sets.


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Tessie Singson

In true Lola Androgynous fashion and a lesson in never breaking character:


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Bella Hadid

On the topic of working from home, I haven’t stopped thinking about the model starring in a FaceTime fashion editorial for Vogue Italia.


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Zach Kornfeld

¼ of Try Guys in Try Guys merch (because if there’s a time to hype yourself up, it’s now) showcasing the more casual end of the work-from-home fashion spectrum.


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Helena Cuesta

Because sometimes playing dress-up means dressing down (read: ditching trousers altogether). Filing this look under the “Zoom-call appropriate” category of work-from-home outfits.


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Devon Carlson

The Wildflower Cases co-founder and her baby Martin casually making the case for Cher Horowitz-approved knit cardigans.


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Butta B

What dressing up with intention looks like, mandatory self-isolation be damned. The accompanying beauty look is a nice touch, too.


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Mags Ocampo

The business-at-the-top, pambahay-at-the-bottom combo proving yet again to be a smart WFH style hack.


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Interested to see what the other fashionable humans of cyberspace are up to? I highly encourage you to give @wfhfits a follow on Instagram (and hey, submit one of your looks via DM while you’re at it). To more home outfits that spark joy!


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