Mark Your Calendars, stylefestph Is Coming

Mark Your Calendars, stylefestph Is Coming

Because Filipino fashion needs a good shake up



Fashion and Filipino are two words that go hand-in-hand—and not just because of the alliteration. Some local talents (whether designer, stylist or model) have been recognized on the international stage for all the right reasons. So why not keep the train running while the coal is still hot and up the ante? Thanks to Globe and SAGA Events Inc., there is room to do just that.


Everyone, meet stylefestph’s Designer Mentorship Program.




All interested designers are encouraged to apply from now until May 25. Mechanics and administrative paperwork aside, all you need to bring to the table is a sense of and vision for Street Style. If you have that, then you’re a perfect candidate and the stylecouncil is eager to meet you.




Eight (8) designers will be chosen among the applicants and will be mentored by these experts, each of who have expertise in all the different stages of apparel creation: Design and Development, as well as Technical and Production Process.


Do you have something to bring to the table? Are you eager to work with professionals who know what’s what? We thought you’d never say—


Step 1: Download the stylefestph Designer Mentorship Program application form and fill in your details

Step 2: Attach your original capsule collection of 10 pieces that defines new Street Style

Step 3: Submit all the requirements by 6PM on May 25


Finalists will be judged based on Creativity and Originality (10 percent), Overall Theme and Collection Cohesiveness (35 percent), Technical Construction and Craftsmanship (15 percent) and Retail Marketability (40 percent).


You can check and read up on all the fine print here. Your questions are probably answered here. And btw, stylefestph is shouldering the costs of travel and accommodations for finalists from Visayas and Mindanao.


For more information on the Designer Mentorship Program, visit stylefestph.

For updates, follow stylefestph on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.



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