A Lesson on Couple’s Coordination: Styling Tips from JP Arrieta & Alvin Liwanag

A Lesson on Couple’s Coordination: Styling Tips from JP Arrieta & Alvin Liwanag

All drips, no drops as far as couple’s fashion is concerned



Suppose you’ve carefully calibrated your TikTok For You Page to show you the best skits, beauty hacks and fashion videos. In that case, chances are high that you’ve seen two of the most fashionable people on the platform: JP Arrieta and Alvin Liwanag. The two have their own origin stories with fashion content creation, from Alvin’s start with Instagram flatlays in 2014 to JP’s deep-rooted comfort in dressing up. Fast forward to now, where the content creator couple has gotten users' attention thanks to their coolly coordinated couple outfits and new fashion hauls (so users can cop them for themselves). Of course, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing not one, but two fashionable people in obvious harmony.


So it’s only natural to ask for some styling tips, right?


Individually, the two have their own tastes. JP leans towards monochromatic wear and prefers to elevate all-black outfits through textures and silhouettes. Meanwhile, Alvin prefers colored outfits and layering up. But, like in all relationships, the two have something in common: streetwear. As a result, they often find a compromise when formulating the outfits they plan to wear.


The first is in choosing the direction for their ‘fits. It starts with picking a color: will black dominate the day’s #OOTD, or will they find other hues from the color wheel? Once done, they pick the key pieces and build the fit around them.


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Ahead, JP and Alvin share more styling tips they follow to nail their killer outfits as one iconic unit.


Matchies made in heaven

One of the most basic notions of couples’ clothing is, quite literally, two people wearing the same thing. But that doesn’t mean you ultimately lose your fashionable spice. So in this fit, the two opt for a monochromatic outfit for the day and wear the same denim set. But to bring their personal styles out, they share, “We just play [with it] by using different colored bags and sunglasses to give variety to the look.”



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X marks the spot

Much like other couples, JP and Alvin have some things only they understand, which extends to one of their styling tips. When dressing with your SO, focus on two key colors to highlight and play with placement. In their case, red and white. “And we do the ‘X Pattern’—we just created this term LOL—where, if you connect two similar colors with a line, it will form an X,” they explain. Nothing like coordinated color blocking.



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It’s in the elements, honey

Of course, you and your SO have different closets, especially with fashion creating varying tastes per person. JP and Alvin reconcile that by zeroing in on two similar items they have, and for this fit, they both have green checkered clothes. The two let the pattern shine by pairing their key pieces with a white base. “Sometimes you don't need to wear the same exact pieces to be coordinated,” the couple explains. “Just the same elements will do!”



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The shade…s!

Couples can experiment and still look coordinated by choosing different versions of the same color. Take cues from the varied shades of grey of this outfit. However, layering and accessorizing might be challenging. Adding too much might make you look too bulky and lessen the cool factor you aim to achieve. “Tip: don't over-accessorize your partner,” recommend JP and Alvin. So to balance their outfits and the couple’s look, the two opt for one statement accessory each: a black puffer bag for Alvin and a structured blazer for JP.



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Fresh off the Red Carpet

“When we feel extra creative, we recreate the looks of a well-known duo and just add our personal style to it,” explain JP and Alvin. Inspired by Kim Kardashian and Balenciaga creative director Demna Gvasalia's 2021 Met Gala look, the two put a wearable twist on the avant-garde outfit with the pieces they have. They keep the concept of all-black with a fully covered face. Their flourishes, however, come in the form of ski masks, black puffer vests and chunky shoes. Their accessories stay loyal to the all-black motif while adding their individual preferences: a padded cassette bag for JP and a micro purse for Alvin.



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But aside from looking like they’re fresh off the NYFW streets, the content creators also have some words to offer to those trying to nail their personal styles:


  1. Start building a capsule wardrobe or a small collection of clothes you can mix and match to create different styles. This consists of basic inner pieces in neutral colors, clothes with colors, layering pieces, shoes and accessories
  2. Don’t be afraid to try different styles, mix and match your clothes and look for inspiration.
  3. Dress for your body type. If you know which pieces of clothing complement your body, the rest should be easy. Try out the 1/3 and 2/3 rule: your shop should be a third of your body, while your bottoms consist of two-thirds of your body.


“Through the process [of finding your style], you may experience different opinions that are good and bad,” explain JP and Alvin. But while these exist, they suggest zeroing in on the positives. “Always choose to ignore the negative opinions, as fashion is for everyone. Fashion is an art where you are free to express yourself,” they proclaim, proudly.



Can’t get enough of their drip? Give JP and Alvin a follow on their joint TikTok and Instagram accounts.



Photos JP Arrieta and Alvin Liwanag

Art Macky Arquilla


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