Hair Cuts And Styles To Rock This Summer

Hair Cuts And Styles To Rock This Summer

Sun-hot and sea-cool styles you might want to wear now and all year round



Because it’s getting hotter by the day and it’s likely been a few months since you changed up your look. Here, summer hair cuts and styles to choose from and how to wear ‘em:


Super-straight hair

If you ever get tired of your curls or waves, update your look with super-straight hair parted at the center.


Hair Cuts And Styles To Rock This Summer


If you can bear it, wear it down and let your locks flow. Tame stray hairs at the crown with a styling product if you prefer to skip the hair dryer.


Style it this way: The new top-knot

Level of difficulty: Easy to medium

Who says it ever went away anyway? It didn't, but thanks to Chanel, this hair style got a spring/summer 2019 update and made its way back into the mainstream. Here's how to wear it, throw your hair up into an up-do (tie into a ponytail before you twist) but keep the ends loose and messy. Add hairspray for texture and to secure the look


Let's be blunt

And by that we mean a sharp, above-the-shoulder bob. Inspired by the 70's, you've likely seen this look on Kendall, Hailey Bieber and Karlie Kloss. We love that it suits all face shapes as the length can be adjusted to suit one's face, thicken thin hair instantly and do wonders for your bone structure.


Honestly best worn air dried (like the French), use a wide-tooth comb to detangle hair before running your fingers through it for a look that's perfectly undone.


Style it this way: Put a clip on it

Level of difficulty: Easy

You've seen one of our March cover girls Issa Pressman serve this look, you've seen it at Gucci, you've probably seen girls wear clips and barrettes everywhere. Who can blame them? It's cute, it's functional and absolutely wearable. Start with one and work your way into layering multiple accessories if you feel like it.


Color me cool

Personally, I haven't colored my hair in months (maybe even a year) but that's because my hair is on hiatus. But if you're aching for a new head of color, then you might want to try lilac or grey. Go the grey route if you're looking for something neutral or feel like embracing your silver-y strands. But do make sure to consult with a colorist first to get the shade that suits you.

Hair Cuts And Styles To Rock This Summer



So, what will it be—a new style, cut or color?



Art Alexandra Lara


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